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Make blog magic happen with Netvibes Potions + new WordPress ingredient

Automate your WordPress blog to reach wider audiences and produce more content. It’s easy with our new WordPress Ingredient for Netvibes Potions.

Potions make it simple to automate actions from your Netvibes dashboard. When these 2 Triggers happen, then do X and Y Actions; otherwise, do Z. Consumers can take control of their apps and smart devices. Companies use Potions to automate their business decisions and respond immediately to market opportunities. (For detailed Potion instructions, please visit our Documentation page).

With our new WordPress Potion ingredient, you can mix-and-match your own Trigger(s) and Action(s) to make blogging magic happen, automatically. Here’s how it works.

New WordPress Ingredients:

Trigger: When I post something on my WordPress blog

Actions: Automatically share content on my WordPress blog

  • Post text on my WordPress blog
  • Post a photo
  • Post a link
  • Post a video
  • Post audio

Example Potions using the WordPress Trigger:

  • Article syndication: When I post something on my WordPress blog, then automatically share it on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Reddit.

  • Specific content sharing: If I post something on my WordPress blog AND the title includes “MyCompanyName”, then automatically share it on our company’s Facebook Page and email my team.

Example Potions using WordPress Actions:

  • Auto-blogging: Publish blogs on the fly from your mobile device, just by typing an email. When I send an email to my Potion, automatically publish the text on my WordPress blog.

  • Photo archiving: When I post a new photo on Instagram, then automatically publish the photo on WordPress and upload the file to Dropbox.

  • Automatic press clippings: When I tag an article on my Netvibes dashboard with SmartTag:“Press Coverage”, then automatically share the link on WordPress and compile all tagged articles into a weekly Pushmail newsletter. [Note: SmartTagging is available for VIP and Premium dashboards. Pushmail is available for Premium for Team dashboards only.]

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless. With Netvibes Potions, you custom-pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to happen. Create your own Potion for free on your Netvibes dashboard using a simple wizard, or read our Documentation for more instructions.

To learn more about automating your business with Netvibes Potions, please contact us for a free demo.

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