LeWeb 11 Deconstructed

No doubt that by now, you know all about our Live Dashboards, a practical use of our Netvibes Premium Dashboards to cover an event and gather all relevant information in one single place. We did it again last week for LeWeb 11 and now it’s time to look behind the curtain and see what we can learn from the analytics we collected.

The reason we decided to build Netvibes Premium, even though there are many good social analytics solutions on the market, is because we wanted a solution that could deliver real meaningful insights, not just metrics.

There was a lot of reports after the conference, filled with various metrics about LeWeb 11, including mention counts and keyword analysis. But at the end of the day, does it really matter how many times LeWeb was mentioned on Twitter?

What does that tell us? Not much.

So we decided to share some of our insights and dig depeer in the analytics.

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