Important Instagram API update

On May 31st, Instagram introduced significant changes to their API. This update had an impact on Netvibes, which requires your attention:

1. Account association

Because of these changes, you must re-associate your Netvibes account with your Instagram account(s). Until you do so, we had to set all your Instagram-based Potions offline and we can no longer retrieve content from Instagram into your Image Search apps. Your Potions and Image Search apps will resume their magic after re-association of your Instagram account.

You can re-associate your account here.

2. Instagram Potion Ingredient

Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to trigger Netvibes Potions in response to the following Instagram trigger:

A new post appears in my timeline

This trigger is now deprecated and all the Potions that you created with it are now offline. You must edit those potions with another trigger if you want to re-activate them.

The two other Instagram triggers – I post and I like a post – are still available.

Questions? Contact us.

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