Happy 2016! + New Year’s Potions

From the entire Netvibes team, we wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year in 2016.


2015 was an exciting year for Netvibes: we celebrated our 10th birthday, and we launched our 3rd generation, the Dashboard of Things. We have lots more planned for 2016, so stay tuned!

As we look forward to the new year ahead, many of us are busy setting goals for 2016, both personal and professional. Whether you are setting a “traditional” new year’s resolution like exercise or you have another goal in mind, your Netvibes dashboard can help keep you on track. You can create Potions that will motivate you, monitor your progress, make your task easier, or even help you celebrate when you’re done. (If you’re new to Netvibes Potions, read more on our FAQ page).

Here are a few ideas for New Year’s Resolutions Potions. With Netvibes, you can easily customize Potions to do anything you like, or create your own Potion from scratch.

New Year’s Potions

Exercise Motivation: Every weekday morning at 6am, send me a text message: “Time for the gym. You can do it!”
Click here to try this Potion:

Exercise Reward: When I check in to the gym on Swarm, then send me a congratulatory email that says, “Way to go! Keep up the good work.”
Click here to try this Potion:

Weight Loss: When I weigh myself on my Withings smart scale and I’m at or below my target weight, then post on Twitter and Facebook: “I achieved my 2016 weight loss goal!” Otherwise, email me a motivational message to keep trying.

Travel Goal: If your New Year’s resolution is to visit Australia, you could try this Potion:
When I check into a venue on Swarm that is located in Australia, then post on Facebook and Tumblr: “I’m excited to be here in Australia! #2016goals”
Click here to try this Potion:

Whatever your goals for 2016, you can create a custom Potion to help you succeed. Click here to get started with the Netvibes Potion wizard. Or contact us for a free demo.

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