Get The Euro 2012 Chrome Extension!

Euro 2012 is still going strong as we are quickly approaching the first quarterfinals. If you have not already done so, please take a look at our dedicated Live Dashboard where we gathered all the relevant information you need, to make sure you don’t miss a single bit of the event: videos, news, scores, etc…

And for an even quicker access to all the latest matches results and latest news about the tournament, we’ve got a brand new free Chrome extension.

Simply go to this address, click on “Get this App for Chrome”… and that’s it! The new extension will appear instantly in your browser top bar, ready for use.

With the powerful UWA technology, every App created can be instantly compiled for a wide range of platforms, without the need for extra coding: Windows Desktop, MacOS Dashboard, iGoogle, Opera, extension Chrome, Blogger, Open Social, share/export to any type of blog, but also WebApp (Android/iPhone/iPad), Android (native application), WebOS (HP, Plam) and BlackBerry OS 5 et 6.

All this without additional development. In other words: cope once, run everywhere.

Want to know more? Curious about ways you could use UWA for your project, in your company? Feel free to contact our team.

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