Facebook Meet Netvibes: Netvibes Introduces the Facebook Widget

Well you’ve all been asking for it, and it’s finally here.

The new Netvibes Facebook Widget will allow users to view their Facebook notifications and friends. You can now access your Facebook info on Netvibes, and keep up to date on what your friends are doing!

Add this widget to Netvibes

What does it do?

Now, moving on, we’ll show you how a few things work with the widget.

The widget provides direct links to your profile, friends, and networks. It lets you view the number of messages, pokes, friend requests, shares, group invites, and event invites that you have. It even shows your friend’s birthdays and your own status, with a link to change it. And you can easily search through all of your friends — just start typing a name in the search box.

There are two possible friend views: Detailed view (showing friends’ name, status, and mini photo) or Photo view (showing larger photos of friends). Click on the Link on the right hand corner above your friends to switch views.


You can change the widget settings in the “edit” section, where you can select the number of friends to display for each view, and the method of displaying them (by last update, alphabetically, etc.).

Why can’t I view my News Feed?

Facebook does not currently allow outsider providers to access the News Feed. In other words, Facebook won’t let us display your News Feed from the front page in our widget (or change your status for that matter.) If you would like to see the News Feed in your Netvibes Widget, please join our Facebook group on the issue or tell Facebook!

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