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Expanded Twitter analytics: Measure the success of your social outreach campaigns

With Social Analytics (available for Netvibes Premium dashboards), you can easily explore your social data and generate custom charts in just a few clicks. Answer questions like: What is being said about my brand online? Do people like our new product?

Today we have added new Twitter analytic functions to Netvibes, enabling you to measure more metrics and better understand what is being said and shared, by whom, about any topic.

Universal Search is now more powerful than ever for slicing data and discovering valuable insights. With our new enhancements for Twitter, you can now filter out Tweets and analyze the relationship between tweets, retweets and replies to help improve your social strategy.

This is particularly useful for drilling down into your audiences, so you can get more info about the resonance of Tweets and perform more accurate searches. For instance, you can easily analyze your campaign performance and compare Owned Media (your own corporate Twitter accounts) versus Earned Media (organic tweets generated by other users).

In addition, Twitter conversations are now beautifully showcased in a new design for Netvibes’ easy-to-use native reader.

Here are some sample questions you can easily answer with your Netvibes Premium dashboard in a few clicks:

  • How many replies did my Twitter account get?
  • How many replies did my competitor’s Twitter account get?
  • Who replies to me the most?
  • Who engages most frequently on this topic?
  • Are my replies mostly positive or negative in sentiment?
  • Show me the top authors about this subject
  • Show me the people who engage the most with my brand

For a free demo of Netvibes Social Analytics and Premium dashboards, please contact us.

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