E3 2012: Get The Best Coverage In One Single Place With Netvibes "Live Dashboard"

From June 5 to 7, Los Angeles is hosting the biggest gaming event of the year: the E3, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Like every year, publishers & developpers will reveal  to the press and public all the new games and gears that will hit the store shelves in the forthcoming weeks and months. Will the Wii U steal the show? What’s cooking at Sony and Microsoft? New hardware? New gaming services? New gameplay experiences? And what are going to be the future big hits?

To help you navigate through the extensive media coverage, we’ve set up a new Live Dashboard to cover all aspects of the show and bring all the relevant information into one single place:

  • Live conferences
  • Latest news
  • Videos from the expo
  • Backstage events
  • Podcasts, blog posts
  • Mentions on social networks, Facebook, Twitter
  • And much more…

Using the full power of our professional dashboards (with tools like SmartFilters or Analytics, available only in Netvibes Premium) and our latest apps (Social Search), easily keep up with all the news and announcements and experience E3 as if you were there. Whether you want to monitor it from your desktop, on your mobile phone or in your couch, using our brand new Netvibes for iPad, you won’t miss a thing!

Check it out now at!

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