Drag and Compare: The Future of Adaptive Analytics

Every day, every second you need to adapt your business strategy to the real-time Web. The problem is no matter what app you use, you are bound by a pre-defined workflow.

Example: I want to see who is talking about “MacBook Pro”. Step 1 (create new project) -> Step 2 (add keyword “MacBook Pro” to track) -> Step 3 (run report) -> Step 4 (share with team).

Problem #1: There is no “workflow” for the real-time Web.
Example: Apple just came out with a “new MacBook Pro” with “Retina Display”. I need to track and compare both of these other topics. Ug. Now I need to create a whole new project from scratch.

Problem #2: Sometimes we come up with new ideas–or simply change our mind.
Example: Actually, now I want to see what people are saying and how the top keywords compare. No, wait. I want to see how they are trending instead. BTW–I am following the live stream from today’s WWDC. Oh! Man, I really want to track the new “iOS 6” and “iCloud” that was just announced as well…

Solution: Drag-and-Compare

Video: Comparing what is said about “Retina Display” and “Macbook Pro”.

If the problem with any app (social analytics, business intelligence, etc.) is pre-defined workflows, then then answer is to have a UX platform that can help apps adapt to changing workflows and transfer data between each other.
Example: I can drag a photo from my browser into a word doc or presentation or email.

Netvibes Drag-and-Compare is the first giant leap in enabling this for the Web. Now you can drag any social analytics app in Netvibes Premium onto another to create new comparisons in real-time–instantly, on the fly.
Example: Instead of running a new report, I’ll just drag my “MacBook Pro” and “Retina Display” graphs onto each other. Done. Then I can switch views to see trends instead. And if I want to go even deeper, I can drag a new “What” app (about “iOS6” or “iCloud” for instance) into my analysis as well.

Video: Comparing “Where” sources for “Retina Display” and “Macbook Pro”.

Workflows vs. Flowing Work

Netvibes is the first and only social analytics platform that adapts to you. There is no workflow. There is only your train of thought. There is no spoon.

Not only does this deliver the new results you need faster — but a good UX will free you to ask new questions. Ironically, “workflows” always interrupt our work-flow. By contrast, an adaptive UX model like Drag-and-Compare empowers us to discover new trends, correlations, ideas and influencers in real-time.

Oh and it works on iPad too. Neat, isn’t it?

This is the power and philosophy behind Dashboard Intelligence and Netvibes Premium‘s Adaptive Analytics. Enter the flow. And watch this space: because there’s more to come!

Video: Share of voices.

Want to learn more about Netvibes Premium and why our Adaptive Analytics are better than traditional social analytic tools? Get a free demo and One-to-One training session here.

PS. If you like our new Drag-and-Compare feature, be sure to read about our Drag-and-Follow feature that allows you to track and monitor new ideas and influencers.

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