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Do More with Pocket on the Dashboard of Things

Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things (DoT) makes it simple to automate your digital activities from the dashboard. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s), and your dashboard magically obeys. We are continually adding new Ingredients to DoT, and today we are excited to announce we have added two new Triggers on Pocket: archiving and favoriting.

You can now design your Netvibes Potions to be triggered whenever you archive an article or favorite an article on Pocket. This means there are now 3 available Triggers for Pocket on Netvibes DoT:

I save an article to read later
This Trigger fires every time you save a new article on Pocket

archive_icoI archive an article (new!)
This Trigger fires every time you archive an article (by clicking the tick icon) on Pocket

I favorite an article (new!)
This Trigger fires every time you favorite an article (by clicking the star icon) on Pocket

What can you do with the new Triggers on Pocket? As with all Netvibes Potions, you can personalize them any way you choose. Here are some new Potion examples you might want to try:

Team Sharing:
Whenever you favorite a new article on Pocket, automatically email it to your team with a note saying “Read this” and share the article on Twitter.


You can also try linking multiple Potions together, for example:

Weekly Coverage Reports:
Agencies will love this one. If you send weekly email reports to your clients, you can automate the process through Netvibes while also making it easy for your team to review and curate all the articles.

Potion 1:
When a new article mentions “MyClient,” automatically save it to my Pocket account to read later.


With this Potion, you will always see the latest client clips whenever you open Pocket. That way, you can read and review the coverage at your convenience, even on your phone while commuting!

Potion 2:
When I archive an article on Pocket, automatically tag it with “Client Coverage” on my Netvibes dashboard.


With this Potion, all you have to do is archive an article on Pocket to instantly tag it as “Client Coverage” on your Netvibes dashboard. Which brings us to the third step in this series: PushMail (Netvibes Premium dashboards only)

Every Friday at 5pm, automatically send a “Coverage Report” email to my client, including all articles tagged as “Client Coverage.”


With this setup, all articles that were tagged as “Coverage” by you or your team–either by using the dashboard itself or by archiving through Pocket–are automatically included in the weekly coverage report, delivered by PushMail. This makes it easy to share precisely the information you want with the client, while easily collaborating with your team digitally instead of wasting time with back-and-forth emails.

All Netvibes Potions can be easily customized through DoT. Let’s say you want to email the report to a supervisor for review before it goes to the client. Or maybe you want to send a daily email report to the client instead of weekly. It’s easy to edit your Potions or create a new one from scratch to do exactly what you want.

Visit to get started on your own Potion, or visit our FAQ page for more tips and tricks.

To learn more about PushMail automated reporting and other professional features of Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards, please contact us.

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