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Coming Next Fall: Private Tabs on Master Dashboards

Netvibes Premium for Team makes collaboration easy. By introducing Private tabs, Netvibes will give you even more control over your content: You will soon be able to decide to share or hide content from the rest of your team.


Quick background
When Netvibes for Team users access their team’s dashboard for the first time, they retrieve a copy of the Master dashboard. They can then customize their own copy as they wish without altering the content of the Master dashboard. Only users granted with the Publisher role can connect to the Master Dashboard and make permanent changes to it.
However, Publishers may want to keep some content located on the Master Dashboard private. Until now, they have been able to hide tabs from copies but their content was still indexed and displayed in the Analytics and Tracked Topic results of the dashboard.
To give you more control over what you share, we are planning to introduce Private Tabs next fall.

What’s new

All the content that is located on a Master dashboard’s Private Tab will be hidden from the copy retrieved by the team. This content will not be visible in Universal Search, nor will it be used in the results of the Analytics or Tracked Topic apps located on the other tabs of the dashboard.
Only sources added to a Library app placed on a Private Tab will be hidden from the copies but still be indexed and show up in results on the other tabs.
The Library tab feature will be dropped next fall to make way to the Private tab option.

To learn more about Netvibes for Team dashboards, please contact us for a demo. If you already are a Netvibes for Team Publisher, please contact your business representative should you need further assistance.

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