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Webinar: Netvibes dashboards with Trend-Tracing Triggers and Shared Libraries

Want to learn more about Netvibes’ newest dashboard features? Join us on Thursday, June 2 for a free webinar in which we will demo a live dashboard and explore our newest features, including Trend-Tracing Triggers and Shared Libraries. Register here to get the full scoop.

Model A vs B analysis

With Netvibes dashboards, businesses can see everything that’s happening in real time. Analyze data and discover actionable insights to drive better, faster decision-making. You can even automate actions from the dashboard with Netvibes’ award-winning Potions. For example: If negative mentions of my Brand increase on Twitter, then email the social media manager and schedule a team meeting to discuss. Automate your business logic to act immediately, 24/7/365.

Experience these capabilities and more during our upcoming webinar.

Webinar: “Discover Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence & New Features”
Date: Thursday, June 2, 2016
Time: 4:00pm CET / 3:00pm GMT / 10:00am EDT / 7:00am PDT (Webinar recording will be available afterward)

Register for free:

Explore Netvibes’ latest and greatest new features, including:

  • Trend-Tracing Triggers: With Trend-Tracing Triggers, you can create Potions based on historical data and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened; automate business actions based on what is currently happening or what is forecast to happen in the future.
  • Shared Libraries: Analyze any topic using “Libraries”—tailored lists of sources that are searchable, shareable and fully customizable. Create your own Library of trusted sources, or choose from expert-curated Libraries in your industry. Libraries can contain an unlimited number of sources and articles and are continuously updated.

To attend the webinar or to receive the recording afterward, please register here:

Questions? Contact us.


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Trend-Tracing Triggers: The Next Evolution in Business Analytics Automation

With Trend-Tracing Triggers, you can create Potions based on historical data and predictive analytics. Go beyond what just happened; automate business actions based on what is currently happening or what is forecast to happen in the future.


Potions (available for all Netvibes dashboards) make it simple to program interactions between your apps, data and connected devices. [To learn more about Potions, please visit our FAQ page].

Business professionals often use Netvibes Potions to automate decision-making based on data insights. For example: When monthly web traffic exceeds 1M, then send an email to the CEO. Our enterprise customers tell us they love Potions because they always know immediately when something important has just happened.

With new Trend-Tracing Triggers, Netvibes takes BI automation to the next level. Instead of just triggering when something happens, Potions can now analyze past data and use predictive analytics to identify current trends and predict the future. This means you can automate actions based on complex data patterns. For example: When monthly web traffic increases by more than 10% for five days in a row, then email the latest charts and schedule a team meeting.
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New: Shared Libraries for Dashboards

Only Netvibes dashboards allow you to custom-pick the sources you want to listen to, using your Personal Corpus. Today we are pleased to take source-curation a step further with the launch of Shared Libraries, now available for all Netvibes dashboards. Libraries are customized lists of sources that are searchable, shareable and Potion-ready to help you track and analyze precisely what matters to your business.


All Netvibes Premium users can create their own custom Libraries; simply select the sources you want to include in your Library. These Libraries can then be shared with and used by all Netvibes users–including Basic and VIP users. (Compare all features here). Shared Libraries retain the same sources included in the original publisher’s Library. That means when you share a Library, all of your Library-subscribers will see the same list of articles. For example, if your Premium dashboard has 12 months of AutoSave articles and you create a Library, then all of the AutoSave articles will appear in your Shared Library.

Libraries can contain an unlimited number of sources and articles and are continuously updated. PR agencies can create separate Libraries to track different types of media, such as: “Tier-1 Business Press,” “Trade Press,” “Developer blogs,” etc. Professional users may want to share Libraries with colleagues and peers as way of spreading knowledge and establishing thought leadership–for example: “Top IoT blogs” or “Big Data publications.”

Advantages of Netvibes Shared Libraries:
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New Analytics Feature: 'Compare To' Anytime in the Past, Instantly

Netvibes dashboards allow you to track and analyze your most important business metrics over time. Today we are announcing a new feature for Netvibes analytics: the ‘Compare To’ tool. With just a click, you can instantly compare the charts on your dashboard to any period of time in the past.


1. Select a chart to ‘Compare To’ the past


Here’s a chart showing the number times ‘Car X’ was mentioned online in the last 30 days (Oct. 17 – Nov. 16, 2015). Let’s say we want to compare this data with the previous 30 days (Sept. 17 – Oct. 17, 2015).

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New! Agency Wizardry: Magically create your own dashboard in one click

What if you could instantly see a high-level overview of any subject, along with the important data and analytics you need to understand the current trends? What if you could walk into a meeting with any new client and immediately show them how their brand compares with the market? It sounds like sorcery, but you don’t have to be an all-powerful wizard when you have Netvibes!


Today we are excited to announce Agency Wizardry—four new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events—so you can easily create a new dashboard on your own in just a few minutes.


  • Cut through the clutter with a single view across Brands, Topics, Markets or Events
  • Stay ahead of the competition with real-time alerts
  • Save time and costs with automatic data analytics and reporting
  • Differentiate your agency or department with custom branded dashboards—no IT required!

With the new wizards in Netvibes’ Agency Wizardry, creating a new dashboard is faster and easier than ever. Create custom dashboards for all your clients and campaigns on the fly.

1. Pick your Wizard
What do you want your dashboard to track? Agency Wizardry offers 4 new wizards for Brands, Topics, Markets and Events.
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Twitter Lists: Analyze your Twitter content by drilling down into specific audiences

We’re continually updating Netvibes to provide you with the ultimate dashboards for tracking everything you care about online. Today we have a new feature to announce: support for Twitter lists.


Lists” are a feature on Twitter that allow you to curate lists of particular users. For example, you might create a list of “Coworkers,” “Thought Leaders in IoT,” or any other category.

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TeamWatch: Create reading lists or instantly share articles to keep everyone informed

Today we announced a new feature for Netvibes Premium dashboards: TeamWatch. With TeamWatch, you can easily share articles, reading lists and analytical insights with anyone, directly from your Internet browser.


You may already be using your Netvibes dashboard to read and share interesting content. With all Netvibes dashboards, it’s easy to share articles through a variety of channels, including: social media, email, Tumblr, Pocket, Evernote, and more. See the full list here:

So, what’s new about TeamWatch? TeamWatch makes the sharing process even easier by enabling you to share information with just a single click from your Internet browser. (You don’t even have to be on your Netvibes dashboard!) In addition, your team members can individually tag articles and combine them all into one list. Here’s how TeamWatch works:
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Dashboard of Things: The Third Evolution of Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence

Today marks a major milestone in the evolution of Netvibes — the Dashboard of Things. Before we dive into the news, let’s take a look back at the evolution of Netvibes over the years.


Netvibes Part 1 – Monitor your Internet (Listen)

When Netvibes began in 2005, we embarked on a vision of “Dashboard Intelligence,” enabling you to listen, learn and act on your data. The first step in that journey was the original Netvibes dashboard. By bringing together all the content and data that matters most to you or your business, you create your Personal Corpus—your own Internet. With this approach, you can focus squarely on only the most important information, free from noise and untrusted sources. And with AutoSave, you can store all of this data as long as you choose.
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AutoSave Is Now Live: Store Unlimited Data in Your Premium for Team Dashboards

AutoSave, the unique new feature available only from Netvibes, is generally available today. This means all Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards now automatically store ALL articles, regardless of the quantity, for any length of time you choose. Even if you’re pulling in thousands of tweets per day, Netvibes stores all the data for you, so you can read and analyze back in time.


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Import Twitter Analytics into Your Netvibes Dashboard

Twitter just launched its new Twitter Analytics service that allows users to track a variety of metrics, including how many people see your tweets.

We have exciting news for Netvibes Premium users: you can easily import your Twitter Analytics data directly into your dashboard using MisoData, just as you would with any external dataset. MisoData enables you to drag-and-compare anything on your dashboard, so you can deeply analyze all your Twitter metrics. Create custom graphs, compare Twitter data to your sales numbers, or compare your Twitter presence with Facebook. With MisoData, the power of the data is in your hands.

Here’s how to import Twitter Analytics into your dashboard:
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