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Back-to-School Potions: Use Netvibes to Organize and Automate

In the life of any student, staying on top of competing commitments is tough. That’s why Netvibes is here to help! Create Potions and customize automatic actions to save time, get more out of your studies, and prepare yourself for all aspects of your busy life.

If your school days are behind you, these Potions can be adapted for the office, as well. Or read the Netvibes blog for more business-inspired Potions.

Need research help?
Save time on your academic research and make sure you never miss an article by receiving personalised emails, texts, or tweets about your research topic. Automatically collect all articles on a given topic, or receive an instant alert when an important article appears in a key publication.
Example 1: When Nature publishes a new article that includes the words “DNA” in the headline, then post the link on Twitter and email me.


Example 2: When a new scholarly article is published about “Molecular Biology,” then add to Pocket and send the article in an email to me. [Note: Tracked Topics are available for VIP and Premium dashboards only. Click here to upgrade your account.]

Don’t have time to check the weather?
Receive a text alert every time it looks like it’s going to rain! Set a time in the morning before you leave for your first class, and automatically get notified if you should grab an umbrella on your way out the door.

School news
Stay in the loop by tracking social media and news related to your school. Netvibes can automatically notify you whenever your school is mentioned in the news, or you can set up custom alerts.
Example 1: Create a Tracked Topic for “My University” and get an email and add the articles to Pocket every time your school is in the news.

Example 2: When “My University” is mentioned AND the keyword “emergency” is used, then send me a text message.

Managing a Club?
Create a Netvibes Potion to automatically update your club’s social media pages, send email updates, and reach new & current members! Every time you update your club’s webpage, Netvibes can ensure that all your online channels get updated at the same time.

Don’t miss another event!
Do you sometimes forget about events or club meetings? Remind yourself by programming Netvibes to monitor your events calendar and send you a text 1 hour before they begin.

Unlock endless possibilities with Netvibes Potions! Create your own Potion today on your dashboard, or for more tips, visit our documentation.

Written by Netvibes summer intern, Elizabeth Barnes. Elizabeth is a student at the University of St Andrews.

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