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AutoSave Is Now Live: Store Unlimited Data in Your Premium for Team Dashboards

AutoSave, the unique new feature available only from Netvibes, is generally available today. This means all Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards now automatically store ALL articles, regardless of the quantity, for any length of time you choose. Even if you’re pulling in thousands of tweets per day, Netvibes stores all the data for you, so you can read and analyze back in time.


Three (3) rolling months of AutoSave is included free with all Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards. As an add-on option, customers may also choose to keep their data for 12 months, 24 months or longer. Please contact us to learn about our AutoSave extension packages.

Netvibes’ Basic and VIP dashboards will continue to store up to 500 articles per source. Once a source reaches 500 articles, the oldest posts will be deleted first to make room for new articles.

Compare Netvibes’ products here: http://www.netvibes.com/en/products

Benefits of AutoSave:

  • Unlimited memory: Select the data sources you trust to create your own Personal Corpus, then store all your data without limits. Read and analyze back in time. Discover exactly what was said about your brand online. Compare today’s data with last month or last year.
  • Immutable analytics: Content may disappear online, but Netvibes analytics will not. Even if an article, tweet or website is deleted, Netvibes stores the data so you can re-crunch your information in the future, just as it appeared today.
  • Elastic visualization: As you add or remove content, your charts will automatically update. No matter how many sources or analytics you have in your dashboard, the results will always appear instantly, thanks to Netvibes’ elastic and scalable storage powered by Apache Cassandra.

Learn More about AutoSave:
Please visit: http://www.netvibes.com/en/autosave
Or download the presentation at http://netvib.es/autosave

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