New Potion Ingredient: Automate your YouTube channel with Netvibes

YouTube is the most popular video-sharing network that allows online users to upload, view and comment on videos and subscribe to other users. Today we have added a new YouTube Ingredient to Netvibes Potions, so you can automate your YouTube channel and act on the video platform directly from your Netvibes dashboard.

With Potions, available for all Netvibes Dashboards, you can easily automate your business or take control of your digital life. You pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to automate, and Netvibes does the rest. (For Potion instructions, please visit our Documentation page).

Before proceeding, make sure your linked YouTube account is a full account that allows video uploads.

New YouTube Ingredient


  • I publish a video
  • I like a video
  • New video in channel


  • Upload a video

Example Potions you can create with a YouTube “Trigger”:

  • When I publish a video on YouTube that matches a search (example: Title contains “drone”), then create a video post on WordPress and share the post on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit
  • When there is a new video on my favorite YouTube channel, add to Pocket to watch later on my evening commute
  • Send me a weekly PushMail about new videos from a curated list of YouTube channels

Example Potions with a YouTube “Action”:

  • When a new corporate video is posted on Instagram, share the video on my YouTube channel and Send to the team a reminder.
  • When a new file is added to my Dropbox video folder, then automatically upload privately the video on my YouTube channel

These are just a few examples to get you started. With Netvibes Potions, you can mix-and-match the ingredients to do exactly what you want. Have an idea for your own YouTube-enabled Potion? Let us know in the comments below.

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