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Automate your IoT devices with Netvibes Potions and ARTIK Cloud

Today we’re excited to announce that Netvibes has partnered with Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud to extend the magic of Netvibes Potions to more devices, consumers and businesses. With the integration of ARTIK into Netvibes, you will soon be able to connect any ARTIK-supported device to the Netvibes dashboard and create Potions using those ingredients.


Netvibes Potions are the best way to automate actions between your favorite apps, smart devices and data. Get your houseplants to tweet when they’re thirsty, automatically share your newest blog post on Facebook and Reddit, or receive an email when your monthly web traffic exceeds 1M. You can do it all with Netvibes. To create your own Potion, simply pick the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place. To learn more about Potions, please visit our FAQ page.

Samsung’s ARTIK is an IoT development platform that supports a wide variety of smart devices and apps, including the Runkeeper app, iHealth oximeter, Fitbit, and other wearables. By bringing together ARTIK as the data collection layer and Netvibes as the automation layer, Netvibes and Samsung are empowering users to do more with the Internet of Things.

See Netvibes Potions at the Samsung Developers Conference

The Netvibes team is exhibiting at the Samsung Developers Conference this week in San Francisco, April 27-28, 2016. Stop by our booth to see Potions in action and learn how anyone can take control of the Internet of Things.

Demo 1: Running in the Rain — A runner wants to receive a text message alert when rain is expected during his run. He connects his Runkeeper app to the Netvibes dashboard using ARTIK.

1_artikPotion: When I start a run on Runkeeper AND the weather forecast predicts rain today, then send me a text message.

Demo 2: Pulse recording — A runner is training for the marathon and wants to record her heart metrics over time. She connects her wearable device, an iHealth oximeter, to Netvibes via ARTIK and creates a Potion to automatically log the recordings.

2_artik Potion: When I take a measurement with my iHealth oximeter, then record my blood oxygen reading and pulse rate in a Google spreadsheet.

The runner can also use ARTIK to connect her other wearables, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, or Misfit, to the Netvibes dashboard to automatically log her running distances. She can then create Potions that make use of the data to keep her informed of her training progress. For example, she wants to be alerted whenever she runs 10k in under an hour.

3_artikPotion: When I run 10k in less than one hour, send me a congratulatory email.

Going a step further, the runner wants to track trends in her running over time. With Netvibes’ unique Trend-Tracing Triggers, Potions can support complex data triggers, using historical data and predictive analytics.

4_artikPotion: When I run 10k for five days in a row, post my achievement on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to the iHealth oximeter, Runkeeper app, and Fitbit wearable, users will soon be able to control any ARTIK-linked device or app through Netvibes.
Try the magic for yourself! Log in to your Netvibes dashboard to create your own Potion now. Questions? Contact us.

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