Automate Twitter with Netvibes Potions: Now with Lists

Twitter Lists are now supported by Netvibes Potions, enabling you to automate interactions across your social media, other apps and devices. For example, you can automatically add people to a Twitter List based on keywords they tweet. Here’s how Twitter List Potions work.

To create a Potion on your Netvibes Dashboard, you pick the Trigger(s) you want, plus the Action(s) you want to take place. Mix and match different Potion Ingredients together to automate business actions or take control of your digital life. Our Twitter Ingredient now include Twitter lists which can be used as either a Trigger or an Action.

Trigger: “When someone in one of my Lists tweets”

Action: “Add user to a List” [Note: must be a pre-existing List. To create a new List, first visit your Twitter account.]

Example Potions
You can customize Netvibes Potions to do anything you like, but here are a few examples using Twitter Lists:

  • Auto-content curation: When someone on my “Industry Leaders” Twitter List posts a tweet, then automatically publish it on my Tumblr and Facebook page.

  • Twitter List creation: When someone tweets the keywords “SEO strategy,” add them to my “SEO experts” List on Twitter.

  • Climate control: When someone on my “Local Weather” List tweets that it’s “hot outside,” automatically set my Nest Thermostat to 66°F (19°C).

Create your own Potion on your Netvibes dashboard. You can see all the currently supported Potion Ingredients here, and we’re adding new Ingredients all the time.

To learn more about automating your business with Netvibes or for a free demo with one of our experts, please contact us.

Twitter Lists are public by default (but can be made private). To learn more about Twitter List Limitations, go to https://support.twitter.com/articles/20169276

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