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Netvibes is seeking a Director of Business Development for EMEA region

Netvibes, the leading personalization platform for the Web, is seeking an experienced business development professional to help drive its business efforts. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of success in digital media, and software deal making.

About Netvibes
Founded in 2005, Netvibes pioneered the first personalized dashboard publishing platform for the Web. For consumers, is the most awarded startpage where millions of people around the world personalize and publish all aspects of their daily digital lives. For agencies and publishers, Netvibes’ universal widget technology (UWA), widget distribution services and Premium Dashboards help rapidly deliver brand observation rooms and user-personalized marketing campaigns. For companies, Netvibes Enterprise delivers secure, scalable personalized workspaces, portals and industry dashboards.

Today, Netvibes powers personalization for more than 1000 of the world’s leading brands, interactive agencies, government organizations, non-profits and enterprises–serving half a billion widgets every month. Netvibes ( has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco.

As the Director of Business Development for Netvibes, you will play a critical role in executing sales strategies to consistently meet and exceed the company’s revenue goals.


  • Prospect, qualify, negotiate and close deals in an aggressive timeframe.
  • Consistently meet and exceed sales goals, demonstrating a focused sales effort and a keen understanding of Netvibes’ business model and product offerings.
  • Qualify and manage inbound inquiries.
  • Prepare and deliver sales presentations and proposals, with exceptional quality and timeliness.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships within the digital media industry.
  • Maintain expert knowledge of Netvibes’ solutions and digital media trends and be able to convey that expertise to prospects and clients.
  • Manage accounts effectively in order to drive recurring revenue and upsell new business opportunities.

Who You Are
You like challenges, love to build and maintain professional business relationships and won’t accept defeat. You can juggle multiple demands on your time and work towards specific objectives. You’re looking for a vibrant work environment and aren’t shy about rolling up your sleeves and getting down to basics.

More importantly, you love the thrill of the hunt and being persistent, persuasive and professional. Making presentations to groups of people is your forte and you relish the chance to think quickly on your feet. You like to work independently, but you know that achieving success also requires a team effort.

Overall, you’ll recognize this as a tremendous opportunity to accomplish and exceed your career goals.

What You Bring to the Table

  • B.A./B.S. with a strong academic record.
  • At least 5-7 years of business development experience in digital media, or with a company that has a digital business model.
  • Proven sales experience with a history of professional achievement and goal attainment.
  • Strong contacts with brand marketers, digital agencies, PR firms and media companies.
  • Knack for synthesizing how technology works and the ability to explain in cohesive, ordinary terms how Netvibes meets stated client needs.
  • Passion for all things digital and learning about the ever-changing dynamics of digital media.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; presentation and PowerPoint skills; and interpersonal skills.
  • Impeccable attention to detail, ability to prioritize and a ready-for-action attitude.
  • Unwavering personal integrity.

Work location : Paris, France

The position reports to the VP of Business Development.

Interested candidates please submit a brief cover letter outlining your interest and qualifications and your resume by email to under the reference : #EMEA-Business


Netvibes Mobile now open for Business!

Super excited to announce our Premium Dashboards are now accessible on iPad, iPhone (yes 4 as well!), iPod Touch and Android.

Get ready for non stop brand monitoring or e-Reputation management, from one device to another with real-time synchronisation of what was read and what’s left to be followed. Never miss a moment, never miss anything important.

Try this example.

Want yours? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a Netvibes representative in your region


A Dashboard Engine to Dashboard Everything. Easier and Faster.

A few weeks ago we changed our tagline to “Dashboard Everything” as our answer to the real-time Web.

Today we are very excited to launch the world’s first dashboard engine.

Dashboard Engine

This new User eXperience reinvents real-time search by letting users simply enter in a topic keyword to instantly create fully featured, smart dashboards that automatically track all of the latest photos, videos, news, feeds, search results and Twitter conversations around that topic.

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Netvibes Reaches Profitability

At Netvibes, we’ve always taken a different approach to the way we look at our products and business model. We’ve rejected common notions, like you can’t satisfy both consumers and businesses. That you need to stamp your logo on every page to build brand awareness. That the only startup model is the ad model. And that in this economy, startups should think about survival instead of profitability.
Today, we’re proud to announce that Netvibes has achieved profitability, in line with the objective we publicly announced 18 months ago.


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Dashboard Everything. The answer to the real-time Web.

What moves faster than the speed of light? The real-time Web.

Billions of tweets, comments, RSS feeds, chats, status updates, photos and videos are streamed from user to user, and then replicated and reposted infinitely over and over again–making those original bits defy physics by co-existing all around the world simultaneously–ultimately to reach out to you! Whew!

So how can we manage it all? Dashboard Everything.

When Netvibes first started, our motto was “(re)mix the Web“. It was about accelerating how people experience the Web by bringing together all of their favorite parts of the Web into one personalized place. The ultimate evolution of that led us to create Netvibes Wasabi–the ultimate dashboard for the real-time Web.

Netvibes Dashboards are way more than startpages. Our smart reader lets you view content like a live magazine or as a universal stream of everything that matters to you. Our “drag-and-follow” Twitter widgets let you quickly make new widgets to track new trending topics on the fly. Our push publishing in our Premium Dashboard offering and RSS acceleration technologies dramatically accelerate how quickly content is delivered to you. In short, Netvibes Dashboards are the best and only way to manage your entire real-time Web–not just Twitter or Facebook, but literally every single blog, photo, video, blurb and bit that you want to keep track of.

Our new motto reflects this evolution and is also the answer to how to manage the real-time Web: Dashboard Everything.

Dashboard Everything

The first era of the Web was browsing organized directories (like AOL or Yahoo!). Then as the Web grew larger, we entered the era of search (like Google). But with the explosion of real-time streams, search isn’t enough. In this third era, dashboarding offers a new way to interact with the Web, where it all comes to you, automatically, instead of you going out to it. Netvibes Dashboards let you put all of those streams right into one convenient place, personalized by you and automatically organized, updated and delivered by us.

So how can you get started dashboarding? The Dashboarding Guide

We’ve organized more than 100 of the best tools out there for helping you get started monitoring, listening and analyzing the real-time Web. Monitoring tools like customized Google News search and Digg widgets help you track and keep up to date on topics that matter to you. Listening tools like Social Mention and Trendrr help you discover and follow trending topics. Analyzing tools like Twitter Sentiment and Compete Analytics help you dig even deeper by analyzing reputations and trend charts.

Dashboarding Guide

This is only the beginning. We’re counting on you to help us rate and review these tools, suggest new tools, and share stories about how you use Netvibes Dashboards in your daily life. In the future, we’ll have how-to articles, videos and more to help people learn how they can use dashboarding as a new way to tame the real-time Web.

It’s time to Dashboard Everything.

-Freddy Mini
CEO, Netvibes

General, Partners

Sage ERP X3 and Netvibes unveil plans for Sage Enterprise Webtop ™: a new, unique way to create user centric Enterprise Dashboards

Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve been working with Sage, one of the leading suppliers of business management software and services. We’ve been working closely with them to build Sage Enterprise Webtop, an extension for their latest software, Sage ERP X3.

We have a video demo and the full press release for you after the break.
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General, Partners

Partnership with Sage brings Netvibes to even more Enterprises

We just announced a milestone partnership with Sage to quickly integrate Netvibes personal dashboard technology into their next ERP X3 release by Q1 2010. Sage is one of the world’s largest business software providers for small and mid-sized businesses, so we’re very excited to be able to work together to bring Netvibes to so many, so soon.

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Netvibes Push Publishing and the Future of Web Personalization

Two years ago, we introduced the first generation of our Publishing Platform with our Premium Universes, allowing our partners to publish a fully personalized page, built on Netvibes technology, integrated within their web site and accessible on their domain.

Today, with the release of the Push Publishing, I’m pleased to announce our second generation, named Premium Dashboard, uniquely orchestrating live publisher updates and complete user freedom.

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Join us at the Internet Marketing Conference on May 12th in San Francisco

I’m going to be speaking on a panel at IMC San Francisco on May 12th. IMC is a hands-on conference, so we’re looking forward to providing you with knowledge you can apply right away, and networking opportunities with the industry peers.

The conference will cover topics from Behavioral Targeting, Social Advertising, and above all Performance – the name of the game in 2009. I’ll be sharing the stage with some well-known names, check out the agenda here:

My panel is at 11:30 AM and I invite all of you to come join.


Where we stand and what we stand for

We believe advertising is the last thing our users would want on their page, but this absence of a visible revenue generation can sometimes raise certain questions about how our company is doing, such as in a post last week by ReadWriteWeb in response to our brief downtime this past Friday.

This gives us a great opportunity to update you on our focus, our business health and our commitment to transparency.

Netvibes is all about Personalization (and what is our business model)

a. We offer Personalization for Individuals with

One use is Netvibes as a startpage but many use it as a “watch” page or dashboard like the Dublin public libraries for example. This is free for users. Instead of using intrusive ads, our business model is to deliver useful widgets through Sponsored Widget placements at the top of our Ecosystem.

b. We offer Personalization for Brands and Publishers

Netvibes is also a turnkey publishing solution to create branded personalizable pages, such as product microsites or media portals. Similar to Apple’s iWeb, we offer a magazine-like layout, lots of widgets, and drag-and-drop WYSIWYG page creation with zero programming required. We host and maintain the pages as well. Most importantly, personalized pages offer a stickier landing or central page than a flat HTML page that users can’t modify at all. On Netvibes powered pages, users can add, remove, change and customize the page at will. Creating a page with Netvibes brings a greater ROI than a classic flat HTML, because it encourages users to interact with brands and make their favorite brands their own. Now, users can have several personalized pages across the web from all their favorite brands. We are currently working with major ad agencies, in Europe and in the US to power a large variety of today’s top brands.

c. We offer Personalization for Enterprises

Since end of last year, we began to install Netvibes behind the firewall of large companies. Rambler, one of Russia’s largest ISPs, was amongst our first clients. With a proven and popular consumer product, a super powerful widget technology to develop their own internal widgets and a collection of nearly 180,000 widgets, we’ve generated lots of interest for enterprise portal solutions from large companies and ISPs, both for internal and external use.

You can learn more about all of our business products at:

Our revenue is growing

We announced in May last year that we were on a plan to arrive at break even in Sept 2009. We announced in December last year that we quadrupled our revenue in 3 quarters and cut our burn rate by half. We announce today that we are achieving our Q1 financial goal, which was to grow our revenues by 25% over the previous quarter. And we are still on track for our Sept 09 break even goal.

So in light of the current economic environment, it’s important to remember that Netvibes raised only one single round of money, almost 3 years ago, back in August 2006, and we have met our financial goals ever since. We’ve never had any mass layoffs and have never changed our financial forecasts. We’ve accomplished all of this without ads or any other forced compromises to our product, thanks to your support and our clients’ business. Credits also go to our team and our partners. They are simply fantastic.

We are fully committed to transparency

If this has given us an opportunity for an update on Netvibes, I do not forget that it originated from a downtime on Friday for which I sincerely apologize for. Although we are concerned with uptime and reliability, first and foremost, we also want to be totally transparent on our system status and downtime on the rare occasions it does occur.

We are 100% committed to providing reports on all of our downtimes, explanations on why they occurred and the action we are taking to fix them so you’ll always know what’s going on. (Needless to say, we will do everything it takes to prevent these occurrences from happening in the first place.)

All information about our service status is available at:

Real time, real info, real Netvibes

To get all the latest updates and conversations on Netvibes, make sure you follow us on Twitter (@netvibes).

Thanks for taking the time to read this and again, thank you for your continued support. We look forward to hearing from you so please feel free to leave a comment below or to send us a note on Twitter.

Freddy Mini, CEO