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MWC 2019: Stay on top of the latest mobile news with NETVIBES

MWC Barcelona 2019 (known as Mobile World Congress) is underway this week in Spain, running February 25 – 28 in Barcelona. MWC brings together over 107,000 industry insiders and decision makers from more than 2,400 brands around the world to launch new products, share ideas and collaborate on the future of mobile technologies.

Even if you’re far from Barcelona, you can stay on top of all the latest industry news and announcements from your NETVIBES dashboard.

Explore the hottest topics at MWC, including:

  • 5G connectivity
  • AI
  • Immersive content
  • Digital Wellness
  • Disruptive innovation
  • And more

Here are some Mobile World Congress-related news feeds you can add to your dashboard

And here is one for our french readers:

For a refresher course on how to add a new feed to your NETVIBES dashboard, please read the FAQ here:

In addition to following all the latest this week from Barcelona, from your NETVIBES dashboard you can easily track any topic important to your role or industry. Enjoy MWC!


SOLIDWORKS World 2019 opens next week


The annual SOLIDWORKS World conference opens Sunday in Dallas, Texas (February 10 – 13, 2019) and brings together members of the SOLIDWORKS community—including engineers, industry leaders, press and partners—to network and share their passion for learning, engineering, manufacturing and innovation.

Stop by the Dassault Systèmes booth at the show to learn more about SOLIDWORKS and all the applications on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, including NETVIBES and EXALEAD. Among the demos we will be showing is the design and creation of the BEAMY, a sample smart speaker-projector device. Explore how data is shared across departments and employees collaborate throughout the full product lifecycle, including:

  1. Social ideation and collaboration
  2. Planning
  3. Mechatronics design
  4. Simulation
  5. Immersive design review
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Point of Sale
  8. Service and Support

From your NETVIBES dashboard, you can easily track the most popular topics at SOLIDWORKS World and stay on top of the latest news. If you would like to follow the conference from your own dashboard, you can add some news feeds related to SOLIDWORKS World or any related topic.

(If you need instructions to learn to add a Feed to your dashboard, please read here:

Here are some SOLIDWORKS-related news feeds you can add:

These feeds will keep you informed about all the latest news coming from SOLIDWORKS World. Of course, your customizable NETVIBES dashboard is ideal for tracking news around any topics or events that interest you. Happy reading!


Introducing SmartTagging for Smarter Dashboards

What’s better than just reading an article for yourself? Tagging and sharing your thoughts and expertise with others. Today, we’re proud to introduce SmartTagging, which is now available as a free upgrade for Netvibes Premium Dashboard subscribers.

SmartTagging is easier, faster and–you guessed it–smarter than regular tagging. Now when you read articles, you can bring up a tag editor panel that helps you tag things super quickly, by offering you a list of tag suggestions and even a categorized tag map. This means you can save time just by clicking the relevant tag you want, instead of worrying about coming up with an appropriate new tag keyword each time.

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New Twitter widget update includes OAuth support

We just released a new version of the Twitter widget to support OAuth. We did this because in the coming hours Twitter will no longer support the traditional method with login and password which was used until now.

The only thing that will change for you is that you’ll have to click on an “Connect” button in order to allow the widget to interact with your timeline. That’s all. Easy, isn’t it?

If you’re curious, you can read Twitter’s official announcement and if you want to have more information about OAuth I’d recommend you the following Wikipedia page. You can also check OAuth’s official website to have more information about the protocol.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team in case you have any trouble with this migration.


New eCairn Widget: Powerful, Professional Social Media Analytics

If you’re a social media professional, odds are you’d like to do more than just monitor the real-time Web. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could also listen directly to your community and analyze what influencers are saying in real-time, too?

We’ve teamed up with social media analytics leader eCairn to develop a powerful new widget that gives you access to customized analytics tools directly on your Netvibes dashboard–right next to all your RSS feeds, Twitter widgets, search results, social networks, photostreams and other apps you rely on everyday. This makes it easy to not just monitor, but also listen to your community and analyze what they’re saying live.

eCairn is the leading community and influencer engagement platform that helps marketers identify influencers, discover relevant trending topics, and maximize the effectiveness of community outreach. By focusing on the people who matter most, enterprise and agency marketers can better optimize time spent on social media. With the new eCairn widget on Netvibes, subscribers can monitor relevant conversations from key influencers, track community activities and receive live updates from their eCairn Conversation™ account.

The new eCairn widget on Netvibes is directly available under the Conversations tab in your eCairn page.
(To activate the widget, you must have an eCairn account. To learn more about eCairn, please visit:

We did even create a full Dashboard featuring this widget and other analytics tools. Discover it here:

Interested in making your dashboards more powerful? Remember to check out our new Dashboarding Guide, featuring all of the newest and best widgets to help you better monitor, listen and analyze your brand, community and the entire real-time Web.


Let's celebrate Summer with two brand new Netvibes themes

Sun is shining on Paris at last, and it shines hard: the perfect time to introduce our brand new Summer theme, codename Natsu. As a fresh, colourful and well balanced theme, Natsu is becoming the new default theme of Netvibes. So if you want to bring sunshine to your dashboards, just pick this theme in the Settings Panel and enjoy the sight.

As an extra bonus, we’ve also added a little something that many users asked us about. Meet Blackmamba, the new dark theme. No dark green nor dark blue. Just pure black, as requested.

Let us know what you think about those new themes by leaving a comment, or tweeting @netvibes!


New Netvibes on Android and iPhone now live!

As promised when we released Netvibes on iPad two weeks ago, we are super excited to offer this version for the first time on Android and update our existing iPhone version.
All 3 versions now share the same core user experience and nicely adapt to your favorite device.

Immediate benefit is a continuous experience across any devices. Start reading and monitoring from your PC or Mac, continue on your iPhone or Android while commuting and finish your day on your iPad, Netvibes will provide a continuous experience throughout your day, no matter what device you use, read/unread articles are automatically and real time synchronized.

Enjoy it now. Everything is live and ready for you at:

As a reminder, the iPad one is available at:

Next enhancements in a couple of weeks should include the split view for the iPad and we are also working on some missing features like “mark as unread” or “display only unread items”

Let us know if you’d like to see some other features in those mobile versions.


* [Android/iPhone] NEW: adressBar is automatically hidden to offer more space for content
* [Android/iPhone/iPad] NEW: updated CSS design for login screen on iPhone/Android and iPad
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: When scrolling, touched item is no longer highlighted like a “tap” since it did slow down the scrolling
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: from an article, clicking “Back” no longer reloads the entire list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: clicking “Back” before the end of the loading no longer displays a blank screen
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: when visiting a blog post’s source, a click on the browser’s “back” button to go back to Netvibes no longer randomly displays a blank page
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: large images inside articles are now adapted to 100% width
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: there were too many lines of content preview in the list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: tabs or widgets with very long titles no longer overlap unread counters
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: font-size for articles has been increased by 1px
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: UWA widgets: iframed content can now be scrolled
* [Android only] FIXED: broken scrolling/navigation on Android devices
* [iOS4 only] FIXED: conflict with HTML5 support of ‘hashchange’ native event in iOS4 is fixed
* [iPhone only] FIXED: orientation change to landscape no longer brings strange font-size adjustments


Update for our Dashboard Engine

In April we changed our homepage to introduce a new Dashboard Engine helping you create easier and faster smart dashboards that automatically track all of the latest photos, videos, news, feeds, search results and Twitter conversations around your favorite topic.

Thanks to your enthusiastic feedback, we are excited to introduce today, the fastest way to monitor what matters to you: the “1-click Dashboard engine”. Basically all the features are still here but a dashboard is now waiting for you at just 1 mouse-click instead of 3. Just enter your topic and click on “Dashboard it!”


The theme can also be better managed because you can now select it after the dashboard creation so you will actually see how it fits on your real page.


And, as before, if you already have a dashboard, there’s no need to logout to find the new homepage. The Dashboard Engine can be accessed directly from the the dropdown menu “Dashboard” / “New”

Dashboard - New


Sneak peak at Netvibes on iPad

Today, the highly anticipated Apple iPad goes on sale across Europe, Japan and Australia.

I’m happy to share with you a screenshot of our upcoming Netvibes on iPad. As you can see it below, it’s a web site designed and optimized for this device which will bring you all the features you already love on your computer today, like the smartreader view with list, expanded and mosaic layouts, read/unread status and all your favorite widgets at your fingertips.


And it’s coming up! The first beta of Netvibes on iPad should be open as early as next week!

Of course we are also working on updating the existing Wap and iPhone versions and bringing you an Android one.