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Agencies:Now you can roll your own social tool

There are always new social tools showing up. But they are made by others. But what if you could design your own? Made exclusively by your agency.

For years Netvibes has powered custom social dashboards and analytics for top agencies and global brands. Today, at The Advertising Research Foundation re:think and Social Media World Forum conferences in NYC and London, we announced the launch of Netvibes for your Agency: official workshops and packages to help agencies quickly design their own proprietary social tools for valued clients.


Netvibes for your Agency will be featured on Netvibes.com for the next few weeks (as always, you can still Sign In or Try Netvibes Basic at the top). Agencies can sign up for free workshops on how to design, customize and resell their own social tools using Netvibes. Netvibes for your Agency also offers agencies an exclusive quick start package for teams of five, including training and development of your first dashboard.

Your client. Your relationship. Your Agency’s social dashboard. Everything is customized by your agency. The look and feel, and workflow. The corpus and analytics. The reports and alerts. It’s the ultimate client engagement tool.

For example: If you work in the sneaker industry, why would you want to analyze cat food? But this is exactly what most “black box” social tools do today, blindly searching the entire web (read: boiling the ocean). That’s why we offer an Open Corpus so you can choose exactly which feeds and influencers matter for smarter, noise-free results. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what your agency can offer exclusively to clients.

Want to learn more? Read the full press release or sign up for a free agency workshop.

Note for Basic users: We are in the process of redesigning our homepage at Netvibes.com to make it easier for everyone to find which Netvibes is right for them. So please look forward to improved navigation and a page just for you over the next few weeks. Of course, if you are already logged in, you will always be sent directly to your dashboard for instant access.

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  • Reply Dave March 30, 2013 at 1:51 am

    The app background keeps changing to white on it’s own.

    Using the “Darkvibes” provided by netvibes it changes app backround and app text colors everytime the page is opened or refreshed.

    Try to make a custom theme and it will not save the app backround color and reverts to white.

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