4As Webinar: What social tools do Agencies use?

Monitoring. Engagement. Sentiment. Analytics. Today, there are literally dozens of different social media tools. Do want to know which ones are used by agencies? How you can user different tools together? And most important: what do clients want?


On July 18, our very own Chris Damsen (VP Business Development) and Vincent Chang (Director Strategy, UX & Marketing) will be presenting a special webinar entitled Social Media Monitoring & Analysis Tools for Your Agency, hosted by 4As (the American Association of Advertising Agencies).

Chris and Vincent will discuss the evolving landscape of social tools for agencies and present real-world agency and brand case studies. As a behind-the-scenes social technology partner for many agencies and Fortune 500 brands, Netvibes will share insights on the changing roles of marketing vs. PR vs. creative vs. client-side and how each may use different tools.

In addition, the 4As will present their inaugural agency survey report on which tools they use and how clients needs are evolving.

What you’ll learn:

  • Current landscape of social monitoring and analysis tools, and how they are used by different roles within the agency
  • Case studies and best practices on how to report effectively to clients using multiple social and campaign tools
  • Key stats and trends from the 2013 4A’s Social Media Monitoring and Reporting

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