Wiring the IoT for modern manufacturing: Netvibes speaks at Cloud Expo

Last week Netvibes attended the Cloud Expo and the Internet of Things Expo in New York City. On June 8, our CTO Florent Solt presented a session about automation and “Wiring the IoT for Modern Manufacturing.”


As more devices and more manufacturers join the Internet of Things, the industry is wondering how to connect everything together and enable automation across many different platforms at once. Netvibes believes it is very unlikely that one vendor or one standard will emerge as the winner of this melee. Instead, we propose that an open logic platform is the solution for connecting together diverse products/ecosystems and enabling automation/programmability across the entire Internet of Things.

Using a single online platform—a dashboard for all your data and devices (we call it the “Dashboard of Things”—anyone can take control of IoT. Create your own “Potion” by selecting the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place, and the Potion makes it happen automatically. If A or B triggers happen, then do X and Y actions; otherwise, do Z.

Example Potions for manufacturing:

Sales forecasting: If sales forecasts for next quarter decline by >X%, then automatically slow down manufacturing production and notify the warehouse to make room for more inventory.

Early alert for product recalls: Because IoT devices are constantly transmitting usage data back to the company, the manufacturer will be alerted faster to potential product issues and can act immediately on the data. An example Potion could be: If >1% of customers complain about the same problem with Product A, then stop manufacturing and schedule a team meeting.

Fewer breakdowns on the assembly line: By monitoring all the machinery on the assembly line in real time, the manufacturer will be able to streamline maintenance work and proactively replace almost-worn-out parts before they fail.


The presentation deck from Netvibes’ speech at Cloud Expo is available on slideshare:

Want to automate your own Internet of Things with Netvibes Potions? Learn how on our FAQ page.

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