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Widgets become mobile with djinngo

You have probably already seen that Netvibes is partnering with Orange’s new product called Djinngo, enabling existing Netvibes widgets to be fully experienced on a mobile device. Djinngo helps you develop interesting new mobile widgets and share content with a mass market audience, instead of only small subsections of the market as many of the current application stores/widget solutions for mobile are limited to.

We think the djinngo platform is exciting to publishers because:

  • It gives you immediate access to more than 200 mobile device models
  • It offers the potential to reach millions of mobile customers across Europe and the Middle East and over any operator network
  • There is no submission approval process, meaning your widget can be immediately accessible to customers
  • Content can be distributed from web to mobile, capturing the audience at point of discovery, no matter where that is
  • Widgets can act as the upgrade path to premium revenue generating applications

Djinngo mobile coverage

You can get started today building widgets on through a simple to use “Fast Widget” tool (no coding skills required). Or for more advanced ideas use the djinngo SDK, a fully featured development toolkit. Then you just have to download the djinngo mobile player to gather your own contents and others in your mobile phone. To find out more about getting started take a look at the video tutorial below or go straight to the SDK and sample code.

We look forward also to welcoming you to the djinngo communities where our users share their experience and advice, join us on Facebook, Twitter or on our own forum here at Netvibes.

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