Here are some ideas of Travel, finance and news widgets to add!

Travel – Before planning your trip, check out Uptake‘s travel blog! There you’ll find many useful advices like “how to prepare a road trip ?”, “where to travel with children ?” and many other interesting points. Travelpod is a cool widget, where you can read travel experiences from Japan to Kenya. You’ll certainly be amazed when reading such fabulous stories! They haven’t been written by novelists, oh no! They’re just travel lovers like you and me ;). Discover many great places and wildlife scenes on BBC earth a video widget, that surely brings on some inspiration! Jump with Australia’s kangaroos and swim with Bahamian dophins, welcome to earth :)! News – Here’s another BBC widget : BBC finance news divided in 4 tabs : “economy”, “companies”, “Yourmoney” & “Business”. It’s so much more handy and time saving to have it all in one ! On Belfast Telegraph read the latest news coming from Nothern Ireland! You won’t miss any important information with this widget covering all important subjects : “Home”, “NI&UK”, “World” & “Sport”. Then, on Scotsman news read fresh news from Scotland : sports, business and exclusive headlines !

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