Weather Widgets for Friends, Family and…Fashion?

Free weather widgets let you share your status and even figure out what to wear

Nearly everyone on Netvibes knows about our Weather Widget (it’s been installed nearly 30M times), but did you know it can do more than just tell you about the weather in your city?


Weather Widget Dashboard

You can install multiple Weather Widgets on a separate tab to create a full weather dashboard, so you can see the weather of all your friends and family around the world. (Hey Uncle Joe, I hear it’s raining in Oslo.)

Share Your Weather

Weather Widgets can also be installed on your public Netvibes page so your friends can see what it’s like where you’re living.

Also, there are many other cool, free weather widgets that do way more than just tell you the weather. Some even discuss how weather affects our society or suggest what we should wear before heading outside. Here are a few worth checking out:

StyleCaster Daily Looks


Need some ideas on what to wear today? StyleCaster’s weather widget tells you the temperature and what outfit to wear.

Get this widget here:

Weather Brains Podcast


A weekly podcast for people that love weather. They discuss the science behind weather events, how it affects how we live and the latest weather technology.

Get this widget here:

aarWorld 3D Globe


An interactive, 3D globe. This weather widget lets you spin a virtual globe and see the time and weather anywhere in the world.

Get this widget here:

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