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Improved Dashboards Performance: Introducing "Progressive Loading"

In our permanent search to improve our dashboards, we’re happy to announce the implementation of a new feature called “Progressive Loading”.

If you’re a hardcore Netvibes user, with a lot of tabs and apps, your dashboard will load faster, displaying only the apps that are actually showing on the screen, preloading the rest in the background. Your browser will require less power and memory to process the pages (especially on the latest Internet Explorer) which means more performance for your dashboard while keeping the acurate “unread” count for each one of your tabs.

No change in your routine there, only a smoother display.

Following the launch of our fast & slim Tab Navigator, this new improvement will surely make your Netvibes experience run smoother. Check it out right now on your dashboard!

Questions? Comments? Post them below.


Maintenance: some minor disruption of service expected

To ensure an ever better service, we’re gonna need to perform large database operations and do some maintenance work on our servers. It will allow us to improve the overall performance of your dashboard and address a few bugs, i.e. the one causing inaccurate “read/unread” flags.

This maintenance is scheduled for Thursday 09/20 morning (6am CET) and should not exceed 5 hours.

Don’t worry though: there will be no downtime, which means your dashboard will still be available during that time. BUT any item mark as read or unread during that period will be reset after the maintenance.

Thanks for your understanding.