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Let's celebrate Summer with two brand new Netvibes themes

Sun is shining on Paris at last, and it shines hard: the perfect time to introduce our brand new Summer theme, codename Natsu. As a fresh, colourful and well balanced theme, Natsu is becoming the new default theme of Netvibes. So if you want to bring sunshine to your dashboards, just pick this theme in the Settings Panel and enjoy the sight.

As an extra bonus, we’ve also added a little something that many users asked us about. Meet Blackmamba, the new dark theme. No dark green nor dark blue. Just pure black, as requested.

Let us know what you think about those new themes by leaving a comment, or tweeting @netvibes!


New beautiful themes for Spring

Spring is here! The weather is still cold here in Paris, but we are going to celebrate the new season anyway. For the occasion, we’ve added 21 new themes for you to redesign your page. Among these, Primavera is becoming the default theme of Netvibes.

We’ve also added 20 more themes for the whole season: flowers, nature, easter, picnics, you name it. We covered many topics related to Spring. However, if you think that we forgot one, do not hesitate to create your own theme and share it!

To change your theme, simply click on Settings, choose Themes and pick a theme in the list.

Because we couldn’t create those themes without the beautiful Creative Commons pictures, we would like to thank: Gaetan Lee (1), *clairity*, huees (1), mightyboybrian, me’nthedogs, Randy OHC, Juliane.hide, *Ann Gordon, sporkist, Sister72, StrangrThanCandy, Maryam S., laverrue and miheco.

We will have more themes coming, so stay tuned. For now, let us know what you think by leaving a comment or sending a tweet to @netvibes!


New theme and theme API update

For this winter, Netvibes is getting a new default theme. Named Lumi (which means snow in Finnish), this theme shows new widget and tab styles. Both simple and colorful, it will brighten the dark winter days.

To apply this theme, simply go to “Settings” and select “Lumi”.

Lumi theme screenshot

Today, we’re also upgrading the XML theme API. This API allows anyone to create or import a theme. We are fixing a few bugs that were reported in the forum and adding new attributes to the standard API in order to create dark themes. All the details are available in the forum. Also, do not hesitate to post your creations in the comments for everyone to enjoy!

Tell us what you think in the comments. Until next time, all the Netvibes Team wishes you happy holidays!


100 New Themes

Not to be outdone by this season’s fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris, Netvibes introduces it’s new Fall collection of themes: 100 to be exact, in a variety of colors and categories, from scenery to seasons, cartoons, holidays and more. Get stylish with a new theme simply by clicking Settings on the upper-right corner of your Netvibes page.

Our new themes are built on a new open structure that enables you to fully customize your Netvibes page, including the Big Green Button (“Add Content” Button). Changing your theme is easy, check out the screencast below.

Even cooler, you can also import your favorite themes from other sources. In your browser address bar, just type followed by the XML theme address.

This is just our first walk down the runway, but soon we’ll unveil a set of open theme creation tools so you can create and showcase your own designs, too. Stay tuned and let us know what you think.