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Feedback: A Few Words About The New Tab Navigator

We appreciate everyone’s comments and would like to take a moment to respond. We take your comments seriously, so if we take a few days to respond, it is because we are talking it over with our designers, product and developers teams to provide the best solution we can. The last thing we want to do is to give immediate “yes” or “no” answers that may change or to flip-flop between major UI changes without serious consideration.

Today, many people are using Netvibes on more than just desktop browsers, but on iPhones, iPads, Android, Blackberry, tablets and other mobile devices. So, we have been working on creating the best native UI versions of Netvibes for mobile devices and tablets.

But we soon noticed a big problem. On smaller devices, if you have many tabs, you may end up seeing only tabs! Our new “slim” Tab Navigation interface will work much more intuitively and smoothly on a touchscreen device than a large clutter of tabs filling the entire screen, while making room for you to view more of what really matters: your feeds and apps. It also makes it easier to drag and drop items exactly where you want them inside of the destination tab.

Our vision has always been to enable users to access their dashboard anywhere, anytime, on any device. To enable a seamless experience across all browsers, devices and screen sizes, we need to have a consistent UI. The last thing you want is to have 100 different versions of Netvibes, where you need to relearn an entirely different UI for mobile vs. desktop or native app vs. mobile web.

Not only do we want to provide a consistent experience across different devices, but we also want to give you room for growth. If you have a lot of tabs now, you may have even more tabs in the future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you about the “Reader View” that might be more appropriate if you like to have all your information at a glance. Simply flip the switch on the top of your dashboard from “Widget” to “Reader” and find out if it’s more suited for your Netvibes usage.

And for those of you who prefer our old multi-row tab view, one of our users made a cool browser extension to replace our new tab interface with the previous one.

To install it :

Unfortunately, we have nothing to offer for our IE users at the moment but if anyone has a solution to suggest, do it in the comments, we’ll edit this post.

Please note that these extensions were not developed by Netvibes, and though we reviewed them and can guarantee that they’re 100% safe, we cannot offer any support regarding their usage.


New Tab Navigator – slimmer, smoother, sexier

There are so many wonderful things to track and keep tabs on! Netvibes dashboards are so good at helping you monitor things, that soon you’ll want to add more – more apps, more news, more analytics!

But when you have too many rows of tabs, the widget view on your dashboard can become a bit cluttered and most of all, you’ll lose precious space.

Good news: Our new Tab Navigator is here!

Find out more about the new Tab Navigator!