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3 Monitoring Tools for your Netvibes Dashboard

Lots of you are using Netvibes with the existing widgets you can find in the gallery but do you know you can also use some of our tools to integrate services which don’t have widgets yet? Here, I’m covering 3 free services which will allow you to turn your Netvibes into a powerful dashboard to […]

Netvibes as a super search engine

There’s one thing you may not know about Netvibes: it supports more than 130 search engines across the world. They let you search for web pages, blog posts, images, videos, podcasts and goods with a twist: you always get the freshest results every time you open your page. Pretty handy when you need to monitor […]

Netvibes now fully integrated with Google Search

A lot of you have asked for a way to fully integrate search within Netvibes. Today, we are really happy to bring you a new feature that will allow you to perform complete Google searches within your Netvibes page and have the results appear right in its own new tab. Since the beginning of the […]