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Easily migrate from Google Reader to Netvibes

As you may have heard, Google has decided to shut down its Reader service on July the 1st. Good news: you don’t need to look for an alternative, Netvibes is the perfect home for all your RSS feeds, and more. Judging by the increase in traffic since the announcement,  it’s safe to say that most of you have already make the move, and we’re grateful for that. And if you haven’t done it yet, here’s how you can easily join our community.

If you’re coming from Google Reader, there’s an easy way to import all your existing feeds into Netvibes (updated thanks to a blog post at

  • Go to Google Takeout
  • Click “Create Archive” then “Download” to export your subscriptions as a ZIP file
  • Unzip the saved file on your desktop
  • Go to Netvibes, click on “Add”, “Feeds” then below “Or import OPML” click on “Browse” and select the “subscriptions.xml” file you just unzipped
  • Click on “Import”

Voila! All your RSS feeds from your Google Reader are now in your Netvibes page. Once this simple transition is complete, you can easily view your feeds in our built-in SmartReader which has the added benefit of automatically refreshing in real-time as a flowing river of news.

Click here to create your free account. Welcome to Netvibes, enjoy your new home!

Have a question? Need help? Head to our FAQ for assistance.

PS: We might experience a slow down in the forthcoming days. Bear with us as we work hard to handle this huge amount of new trafic.