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Roland Garros 2011: the Live Dashboard your boss don't want you to see

Like every year, at the same period, productivity in thousands of businesses in France will drop significantly. The reason? Roland Garros, one of the most prestigious Grand Slam tournaments where the best tennis players from around the world come to compete.

And like every year, you’ll be torn between watching the matches and make any progress in wrapping up this urgent report your boss wanted 48 hours ago.

Don’t try and deny it, we know.

And we know that during the competition, you’ll be constantly staring at dozens of web pages, searching for the latest results, while elusively trying to hide your lack of motivation behind an Excel spreadsheet.

Fortunately, Netvibes is here to help. To make sure you won’t miss a single bit of this sports event, while keeping your computer desktop clean and tidy, we’ve set up a live Dashboard that will cover everything you need to know: Twitter and social networks monitoring, press releases, player profiles, scores, videos and much more. And all this in real time of course.

The only thing we can’t provide is an alibi generator to help you explain your loss of productivity to your boss.

All in all, a great showcase of all the tools we provide with our Dashboards to allow you to “listen, learn and act” in real-time: SmartTagging, SmartFilters and our new Bookmarklet.

Visit now to discover this new live Dashboard!


Netvibes is the right place to follow Roland Garros 2009!

Roland Garros – Tomorrow bring back your old tennis shoes, and get prepared for some excercise, because it’s time for Roland Garros! For the occasion here is a special widget selection dedicated to all the Tennis lovers! Remember that Netvibes created last year this beautiful Roland Garros widget! It’s composed of four tabs : official news, schedule, photo gallery and live scores! But if you just need the essential, check out the Roland Garros – official widget, displaying the latest news right from the tournament official comittee. Tennis – It’s also the occasion for us to remind you about many other tennis widgets! On USA Today – Tennis read the latest Tennis news, not only Roland Garros but also some events taking place in other parts of the world. Then check out the Tennis news from Yahoo widget, with some pictures to illustrate the latest news. If you don’t have time to watch TV, read the latest articles from Foxsport – Tennis, the famous sports TV channel, and install this specialized tennis widget!