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July's top public pages!

This month we’ve decided to talk about some of Netvibe’s public pages! Almost every Netviber has got one and some deserve fame, that is why we’re mentionning them in this week’s blogpost! In this selection you’ll find pages about gaming, Twitter content, e-learning and teaching tools and music!

And don’t forget that while visiting these pages you can easily add their widgets to your own private page! And why not continue improving your public page’s content (I’m sure it has been asleep for some time) ; ) ?!


Using public pages as virtual libraries!

A growing number of libraries use Netvibes public pages as virtual resource centers for their users. From academic literature, news, to documentary resources or podcasts – there’s an abundant of options. To add, Users are not just happy to locate reading suggestions online but the convenience is a huge time saver!

Our list of public libraries include: The Cranbury Public Library (US), Biblioteca de l’Ateneu Barcelonès (Spain) or the the Dublin Public City libraries (Ireland). They’re ideal places to organise events, surveys and online tools & resources.

Other institutions such as schools and universities, use Netvibes public pages as virtual resource centres. Go to King’s School Library (UK) for book suggestions and news to read and The University of Sheffield library‘s public page (UK) for conducting research, organising documents, bookmarks and read online newspapers.

Both Discovery College Library (Hong-Kong) and The United World College of South-East Asia (Singapore) has organised its virtual resource space into various tabs. Namely; Podcasts, Videos, Poetry, Art, web2.0. and many more…

Another interesting use of Netvibes public pages is the The Language Library! Built by the Oxford university’s language library, here you can find content & news in many different languages, just like The Dixie Grammar School (UK).

Let’s not forget the incredible work done by specialized libraries eg, Central Medical Library from The University Medical Center Groningen (Netherlands) or Biblioteca de Farmàcia from The University of Barcelona.

Lastly, if you have built a netvibes public page for your school, feel free to add a comment or post the link on twitter @netvibes.

We love discovering new great pages!