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Join Us For A Free Webinar on Social PR Tools and Trends

There has been an explosion of social tools for monitoring, analytics, collaboration, big data visualization, PR and more. In the midst of this change, PR clients are now demanding more than just traditional media reports; they want real-time social data and social ROI. What types of social tools are most useful to PR practitioners in […]

Universal Search for Netvibes Premium: Search Faster & Better

Until now, you could search through your Netvibes Premium dashboard by submitting queries which could turn out to be rather complex, depending on the specifity of what you were searching for. To simplify this process, while keeping it as powerful, we’re happy to annouce a brand new feature for all Premium subscribers: Universal Search. Reinventing […]

Spring Cleaning: Better Sources, Less Noise

Netvibes users love feeds. In fact, our back-end collects around 15 million new items. Every day. That’s a lot of sources. And sometimes, when you feel you have too many of them cluttering up your dashboard, you wish there would be an easy way to sort them out, removing feeds and news streams that are […]

How To Build The Perfect Corpus

As discussed in our previous article, only Netvibes Premium lets you create as many industry or product-specific corpora (libraries of sources) as you like for accurate, noise-free, segmented results. Now you can compare overall trends versus what your specific industry or influencers are saying. Since you can add new sources or influencers as you discover […]

How to Create a Brand Monitoring Dashboard

Last week, we showed you why Dashboards are better for client reporting and why they make happier clients while considerably lowering your work load. Today, let’s dive in and explore how to create a brand monitoring dashboard from scratch using Netvibes Premium. Step 1: Create Your Corpus Populate it with content relevant to your brand. […]

Why Dashboards for Better Client Reporting (and Happier Clients)

Until recently, most agencies relied on Powerpoint and Excel to report campaign results to their clients on a monthly (or even quarterly) basis. Today, 45% of ad agencies are now using dashboards to report to clients, according to a recent survey by the 4As**. Not all dashboards are created equal, however. What should an agency […]

MisoData showcase – compare public data for free!

There’s a world of interesting open data out there—from weather trends to stock prices to world census data. All of which is potentially very interesting, but in reality, raw CSV data is often quite boring. Enter MisoData. Today, we launched our new Open Data showcase dashboard, which you can play with here. Using our new […]

Introducing Netvibes MisoData: Now Drag-and-Compare All Your Excel Spreadsheets and Data Reports, All on One Dashboard

Most employees report spending too much time gathering manual reports from different systems and departments, without being able to find what they need when they need it. Today, we introduced a new technology called MisoData that makes it easy to instantly compare any internal data or KPI–alongside external social trends–just by dragging and dropping. “MisoData […]

New Automatic Categorization Organizes All Your Content For You

Manually sorting through the huge amount of feeds and data you need to process every day can be a tedious task. What if your dashboard could automatically sort every incoming item and categorize it into groups and hierarchies for you? Well… now it can. Automatic Categorization is new advanced customization option for Netvibes Premium, Agency […]

Netvibes and Twitter: why you should link your account

As we explained in a previous post (Important Update: Twitter 1.1 API and your Netvibes account), the new Twitter API introduces changes and new limitations to the way our Social Search App interacts with the service. The good news is that we have already taken the initiative to update our Social Search App (and all […]