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Netvibes Showcase

We are bringing you here a video which does showcase all different types of dashboards you can create on Netvibes. Are you interested in Design, Photography or do you plan a trip to Tokyo? Netvibes is the tool you need in order to monitor, analyze and publish your favorite topics… You will also notice in […]

Some new Music, Fashion, & Sciences widgets to discover!

Sciences & Lifestyle – If you’re keen on Sciences, check out the Innovative Sciences observer ! From Nanotechnologies, to biology or maths, be aware of all new scientific discoveries. Your finances are a big mess? and you don’t like to remember what a bank account is? Find some tips on I will teach you to […]

This week's music, interior design and financial widgets

News – In the middle of this financial crisis, you might need some help following stock market evolutions. Thanks to the Scottrade widget, now you can have your personal stock market analyst, right on your Netvibes page! Iphone and Ipod touch owners, check out the coolest apps and tips for your favourite gadget on Iphone […]

This week's video, music and tech news widgets

Web – If you’re a Gmail user, you might be interested about the Gmail feeds you widget – It displays news about your favourite inbox and all its integrated services. Then check out what’s popular on Twitter on the Tweetag widget! It’s a cloud of tags representing the most popular words of the moment ! […]