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New Netvibes for Smaller Screens (and Smartphones)

Today, everyone uses many different devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones… At Netvibes, our philosophy has always been to provide the optimal experience based on the size and resolution of your screen, rather than just what type of device you use. After all, there are big tablets and small tablets, large smartphones and tiny net-books. So […]

Feature Spotlight: New UWA2, now powering the core of

A lot of developers are using our UWA (Universal Web App API) to build simple web widgets. But did you know that the core of–dashboards and apps–is now coded using UWA2, our latest version? Since 2007, UWA has pioneered the concept of “write once, deploy everywhere” enabling developers to create simple universal web widgets […]

Netvibes Mobile now open for Business!

Super excited to announce our Premium Dashboards are now accessible on iPad, iPhone (yes 4 as well!), iPod Touch and Android. Get ready for non stop brand monitoring or e-Reputation management, from one device to another with real-time synchronisation of what was read and what’s left to be followed. Never miss a moment, never miss […]

Want to test Netvibes on iPad?

As promised last week we have a preview of the iPad version you can now freely access. No need to leave your email address or enter a special invitation code, just grab your iPad and go to

Sneak peak at Netvibes on iPad

Today, the highly anticipated Apple iPad goes on sale across Europe, Japan and Australia. I’m happy to share with you a screenshot of our upcoming Netvibes on iPad. As you can see it below, it’s a web site designed and optimized for this device which will bring you all the features you already love on […]

Orange partners with Netvibes to offer the world’s largest collection of mobile widgets

The partnership will bring Netvibes’ widget platform to millions of mobile users across Europe, Middle East and Africa for the first time Content providers will have access to Orange’s 130 million mobile customers Orange and Netvibes today announced a partnership to bring the world’s largest collection of mobile widgets to all types of mobile phone […]

Netvibes for mobile, iPhone and iPod touch get Multiple Personalized Pages

Last week, we introduced the Multiple Personalized Pages that allows you to create a Personalized Page for each aspect of your digital life. We just upgraded the mobile version of Netvibes so you can access these pages on the go too. As usual, the mobile website is available at It should work with any […]

Going mobile: netvibes in your pocket

We are pleased to announce that we just improved our mobile and introduced a brand new iPhone version of netvibes. You can now access your page from any mobile phone. Just try it. Once again we tried to make it very simple, just being able to browse all your tabs, feeds, webnotes, todo-lists, search modules, […]