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Netvibes Labs

At Netvibes, we like to play with technology, remix the web and imagine what your favorite personalizable page will be in the future. To make you be a part of it, we’re happy to open the doors to our labs : In the labs, you’ll be able to make wishes for new widgets and play with cool experimental toys.

Widget wishlist

Since the beginning, we’ve always been rolling new widgets regularly. These widgets were built thanks to your incredible feedbacks. With the widget wishlist, we would like to make the process more collaborative. Here is how it works:

  • you can make 3 wishes per day. All wishes must be about widgets only. Other wishes will be deleted;
  • you can vote for a wish. Once done, you get another wish to vote for. Think it as “hot or not” for widgets;
  • we’re maintaining a list of the top wishes;

This list will help us and third-party developers determine which widgets should be created. If you’ve always wished for a particular widget, go make your wish now!

Experimental projects

Along with the Widget Wishlist, we’re releasing three experimental projects for you to play with. All are directly related to your page and we would love to know what you think about them. Find a project useless? Want it integrated directly in Netvibes? Tell us! But keep in mind that those projects are experimental.

The three projects we’re releasing today are:

  • Spring cleaning, a tool for analyzing your feeds and tell you which you can remove: feeds you never read and feeds that haven’t been updated recently;
  • Tag cloud, a tool for analyzing your feeds and generate a tag cloud. It’s both beautiful and useful: click a keyword and you get recommendations, straight from our Ecosystem;
  • Theme designer, a graphical user interface for creating XML theme. You no longer have to write XML. Simply pick colors, change an image and voilà!

You’ll find all the details at We are willing to release more experimental projects in the future and will keep you posted when we do. For now, play with them and let us know what you think by leaving a comment or by sending us an e-mail!