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Long live Dashboard Intelligence!

Following the demise of iGoogle and Google Reader, many users were left without a home overnight. Various bloggers commented that this might signal the death of both feed readers and startpages. Considering that Netvibes has gained a record number of users last month —literally hundreds of thousands of new users(*)— this notion couldn’t be farther […]

Netvibes: A New Home For iGoogle Users

Back in June, we launched a special migration site to help Google Reader and iGoogle users move their feeds to Netvibes. And according to our stats, a lot of you have happily made the transition, especially during those last days. On November 1st, it will be time for iGoogle to close its doors for good. […]

Netvibes Opens a New Home for Google Reader and iGoogle Users

Today we are launching a special migration site to help millions of Google Reader and iGoogle users move their feeds to Netvibes. “Since Google announced the closure of both services, hundreds of thousands of users have switched to Netvibes. This is because Netvibes is the only service that offers a dual dashboard-and-reader combo, which is […]

Easily migrate from Google Reader to Netvibes

As you may have heard, Google has decided to shut down its Reader service on July the 1st. Good news: you don’t need to look for an alternative, Netvibes is the perfect home for all your RSS feeds, and more. Judging by the increase in traffic since the announcement,  it’s safe to say that most of you […]