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Politics, Finance, sports : add cool new widgets to your page!

News – On Trustnet follow financial markets evolutions and read the latest articles about Fund news & research directly on your page! Whether you’re an european citizen or not, you might be interested to know more about European politics. So have a look at European parliament widget regrouping “Headlines” “Weekly briefing” “Pre-session briefing” “Statements by […]

Here are some ideas of Travel, finance and news widgets to add!

Travel – Before planning your trip, check out Uptake‘s travel blog! There you’ll find many useful advices like “how to prepare a road trip ?”, “where to travel with children ?” and many other interesting points. Travelpod is a cool widget, where you can read travel experiences from Japan to Kenya. You’ll certainly be amazed […]

This week's music, interior design and financial widgets

News – In the middle of this financial crisis, you might need some help following stock market evolutions. Thanks to the Scottrade widget, now you can have your personal stock market analyst, right on your Netvibes page! Iphone and Ipod touch owners, check out the coolest apps and tips for your favourite gadget on Iphone […]