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Read E3 gaming news from your NETVIBES dashboard

The world’s largest electronic gaming conference, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) runs this week from June 11 – 13, 2019 in Los Angeles. Whether you work in the industry or are a serious gamer eager to know about the latest games, your custom NETVIBES dashboard makes it simple to stay informed and read all the news that interests you.

Track any topic from your dashboard by typing in a few keywords, such as VR (virtual reality), RPG (role-playing games), or Halo. NETVIBES will automatically collect all your articles into a convenient reading list that you can read anytime, all from one platform. Automate alerts and actions from the dashboard by using Potions: for example, whenever a new article is published with “Halo Infinity” in the title, automatically publish the link on Twitter. 

Here are a few gaming-related news feeds that you can add to your dashboard to stay on top of the latest announcements coming out of the E3 conference:

Happy gaming and happy reading! 


E3 2012: Get The Best Coverage In One Single Place With Netvibes "Live Dashboard"

From June 5 to 7, Los Angeles is hosting the biggest gaming event of the year: the E3, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Like every year, publishers & developpers will reveal  to the press and public all the new games and gears that will hit the store shelves in the forthcoming weeks and months. Will the Wii U steal the show? What’s cooking at Sony and Microsoft? New hardware? New gaming services? New gameplay experiences? And what are going to be the future big hits?

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Live Dashboard E3 2011: the biggest gaming event, the best coverage

From June 7 to 9, Los Angeles will host the annual biggest gaming gathering in the world, also known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3.

This huge event, which brings together all major publishers, is an opportunity for both the press and the public to discover games and gears that will hit the store shelves in the forthcoming weeks and months.

This year Nintendo will unveil the successor to the Wii console, Sony will introduce its new mobile NGP, and new episodes of the Tomb Raider saga, Assassin’s Creed, Gears of War & many more are going to be revealed.

Like every year, the event will receive extensive media coverage and for this 2011 edition, Netvibes will help you sort it all out by setting up a dedicated Live Dashboard to cover the show and bring all relevant information into one single place:

  • live conferences live
  • latest news
  • videos from Los Angeles
  • backstage events
  • podcasts, blog posts
  • mentions on social networks, facebook, twitter
  • and much much more…

And like with every Live Dashboard, Netvibes will give you access to the advanced tools available with our professional Dashboards: SmartTagging (to tag feelings to articles), Advanced Research in Real-Time (to cross-search different sources inside the Dashboard) and Bookmarklet (to easily add content from other sites).

Check it out at And if you’re fluent in French, also check the French version of this Live Dashboard where Netvibes joins forces with gaming site