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Dashboard Everything. The answer to the real-time Web.

What moves faster than the speed of light? The real-time Web. Billions of tweets, comments, RSS feeds, chats, status updates, photos and videos are streamed from user to user, and then replicated and reposted infinitely over and over again–making those original bits defy physics by co-existing all around the world simultaneously–ultimately to reach out to […]

This week's entertainment, sports, and business widgets!

News & sport – Tired of always reading the same magazines! Add some new ones! Why not adding the Irish Times world news to your page ?! It’s displaying the freshest news directly from Ireland to your Netvibes page! Read about your favourite sports on BBC sport! It’s a great widget, divided in four different […]

This week's new business, tech and entertainment widgets !

Web & tech – Read about the latest video games on the market, but also about web, design and gear news on Zmogo tech stuff widget! Then, before installing any software, be sure about your choice with the Go4download widget! You’ll find software downloads and reviews. Free time – It’s the week end, time for […]