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New Netvibes on Android and iPhone now live!

As promised when we released Netvibes on iPad two weeks ago, we are super excited to offer this version for the first time on Android and update our existing iPhone version.
All 3 versions now share the same core user experience and nicely adapt to your favorite device.

Immediate benefit is a continuous experience across any devices. Start reading and monitoring from your PC or Mac, continue on your iPhone or Android while commuting and finish your day on your iPad, Netvibes will provide a continuous experience throughout your day, no matter what device you use, read/unread articles are automatically and real time synchronized.

Enjoy it now. Everything is live and ready for you at:

As a reminder, the iPad one is available at:

Next enhancements in a couple of weeks should include the split view for the iPad and we are also working on some missing features like “mark as unread” or “display only unread items”

Let us know if you’d like to see some other features in those mobile versions.


* [Android/iPhone] NEW: adressBar is automatically hidden to offer more space for content
* [Android/iPhone/iPad] NEW: updated CSS design for login screen on iPhone/Android and iPad
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: When scrolling, touched item is no longer highlighted like a “tap” since it did slow down the scrolling
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: from an article, clicking “Back” no longer reloads the entire list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: clicking “Back” before the end of the loading no longer displays a blank screen
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: when visiting a blog post’s source, a click on the browser’s “back” button to go back to Netvibes no longer randomly displays a blank page
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: large images inside articles are now adapted to 100% width
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: there were too many lines of content preview in the list of feed items
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: tabs or widgets with very long titles no longer overlap unread counters
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: font-size for articles has been increased by 1px
* [Android/iPhone] FIXED: UWA widgets: iframed content can now be scrolled
* [Android only] FIXED: broken scrolling/navigation on Android devices
* [iOS4 only] FIXED: conflict with HTML5 support of ‘hashchange’ native event in iOS4 is fixed
* [iPhone only] FIXED: orientation change to landscape no longer brings strange font-size adjustments