Summer is here! Automate your digital life with Netvibes Potions

Today is the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, so it’s time to break out the sunglasses and flip-flops. Take to the waves, leave your mundane worries behind, and let your Netvibes dashboard take over your digital day-to-day tasks! With Netvibes Potions, automated actions (as well as guilt-free beach BBQs) are only a click away.

Netvibes Potions for summerNetvibes Potions make it simple to program your dashboard to act for you, automatically. (If you’re new to Potions, learn more on our FAQ page). You choose the Trigger(s) that will activate the Potion, along with the Action(s) that you want Netvibes to do, and your dashboard does the rest. That’s it! So get ready to unplug, put your work phone away, and soak in those summer moments while Netvibes works for you.

Here are a few Summer Potion ideas to get you started:


Plan for the weather

Is it a nice day for the beach or the museum? Stay ahead of the curve and plan for the weather! If the forecast is over 70 degrees and Sunny, get a push notification sent to your phone with the weather update, along with a list of fun summer activities in your city. For this Potion, we are using the latest articles published by FunCheapSF, saved as a Tracked Topic on the dashboard. Note: Tracked Topics are available for VIP and Premium users only.

Click here to try this Potion: http://www.netvibes.com/subscribe.php?preconfig=03ffcb88-34dc-11e6-bedf-842b2b482ce2&preconfigtype=module


Monitor office KPIs while you’re out

Relax while you’re out on vacation, and let your Netvibes dashboard keep an eye on your business metrics. Set up a Potion to automatically alert you to important changes. For example, when the sales team exceeds its monthly sales goal, automatically receive a text message and send a congratulatory email to your team. Note: Analytics are available for Netvibes Premium dashboards only. Contact us for a free demo.

Click here to try this Potion:



Got pets? No sweat!

Have a lap cat or a hungry hound at home? Help them stay cool while you’re away. When your Nest Thermostat detects a change in the ambient temperature at home, your Netvibes Potion will adjust the AC accordingly and automatically send a text to your neighbor to make sure your furry friends are staying chill and hydrated.


“Paid vacation”

Nothing like making money while at play, am I right? Let Netvibes stay on top of your investments and alert you when there is a change in stock price. For example, if Apple (APPL) stock falls beneath $90.00, automatically receive a text message on your phone and send an email to your financial advisor telling her to buy.

Click here to try this Potion: http://www.netvibes.com/subscribe.php?preconfig=7f1a7e80-34e1-11e6-b76c-782bcb103767&preconfigtype=module


These are just a few Potion ideas. Brew your own custom Potion by mixing and matching Trigger(s) and Action(s), using any of Netvibes’ currently supported Ingredients (with more being added all the time). Start Potion-brewing by clicking here, and our wizard will walk you through the easy steps of crafting your first Netvibes Potion.

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