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Quick Look: Share any article in one click with Quickshare

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  • December 8th 2014 at 02:27 PM
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As you may have noticed, you now find share icons under the title of any article you open. Designed to make sharing even more convenient and quicker, just take a few minutes to set up Quickshare with your favorite services to take full advantage of this new feature.


Set up by default with the first three services you enabled in your Share settings, you can specifically choose the services you want to use with Quickshare:

  1. Go to your Share settings to select the third-party services you want to activate on your dashboard.
  2. Go to the Quickshare menu and select the services you want to use with Quickshare.
    You can even select the custom services you manually entered on your Share settings page.
  3. Use the right-hand gripper to change their order of appearance.


  1. Save your changes and you’re ready to go!

You will now find the services of your choice in the order you decided upon under the title of any article you are reading. If you want to share it, simply click on the icon of the service you want to share it to and you’ll be immediately taken to the service’s share page.

And should you not want any share icon to be displayed, simply uncheck them all in the Quickshare menu. You will still find the regular share arrow in the top right-hand corner of any article you open.

Got remarks or questions? Leave them in the comments below or visit our Uservoice page.

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