Personalize your tee-shirts on Netvibes

You’re tired of plain t-shirts and endlessly searching for cool designs? Netvibes keeps you informed of the latest trends in the web t-shirt industry.

A series of useful widgets, to be installed on your page, can help guide you in your selection and make online shopping an easier process. If you want to show off your love of humor, the SnorgTees and BustedTees widgets are made for you. But you might think it lacks of originality and you’re searching for something more sophisticated? Check out the Emptees widget.


Thinking about declaring your love on a t-shirt? There’s nothing easier than the I love my t-shirt widget where you can display your affection using the “I LOVE NY” theme.

You shouldn’t remain indifferent in front of the colorful and original designs of the Threadless and laFraise t-shirts : artistic, humorous, militating and more. All in the name creative art, Users can use this opportunity to compete, as the original idea of these websites is to allow you to submit your design(s) and those with the highest number of votes are kept .

You can also find all these widgets here : Have a look at the best selection of designs voted by the Users on websites, Design By Humans and Teetonic….you’ll surely find something!! And why wouldn’t you try to design something yourself ?

You can also find all these widgets here :

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