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New Potions with Gmail + Netvibes

Today we have added support for a new Ingredient in Netvibes Potions. You can now use Gmail as a Trigger or an Action in your Potions. Let’s see how it works.


Netvibes Potions allow you to automate actions and alerts from your dashboard by selecting the Trigger(s) and Action(s) you want to take place. For example: If a new article is published about MyCompany, then email me and share the link on Twitter. (To learn more about Potions, please visit our FAQ page).

Potion Triggers: Gmail (new!)

ing_gmail_receive_icoI receive an email

This Trigger fires every time your Gmail account receives a new email

Example Potion #1: When I receive a new Gmail message, then text meAdd this potion to your dashboard!


ing_gmail_star_icoI star an email

This Trigger fires every time you “star” (mark as important) a message in Gmail

Example Potion #2: When I star a Gmail message, then post it on TumblrAdd this potion to your dashboard!


As with most Netvibes Potion Ingredients, you can customize the properties of your Potion to do exactly what you want. Using Example Potion #1, let’s say you want to receive a text message only when your boss emails you. To do this, we need to define specific properties of the Potion–in this case, my boss’s email address.

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Get ‘er done! Productivity Potions from Netvibes

  • Netvibes
  • September 23rd 2015 at 06:10 PM
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It’s September, summer vacations are over, and your schedule is getting busier. Looking for some new ways to boost your productivity? There’s a Netvibes Potion for that.


Netvibes Potions make it easy to program your own automatic interactions between apps, devices and data on your dashboard. (For an introduction to Potions and Netvibes’ Dashboard of Things, please visit our FAQ page or read more on our Potion blogs).

By automating a few of the tasks on your plate, you can get more done in less time, stay focused and keep yourself motivated. Here are a few Potion ideas to get you started:

  • Morning Motivation – Productivity experts recommend waking up earlier as a way to get a jump start on your day. The challenge is motivating yourself to get out of bed when that alarm clock rings, rather than hitting the snooze button.

    Every morning at 5am, text me a “Motivational Quote of the Day” (from RSS feed)


  • Team Collaboration – Stop emailing spreadsheets back and forth, which wastes time and can create version-control problems. Instead, use Dropbox to share documents, and use a Netvibes Potion to keep you informed of the edits being made. This Potion monitors the shared directory on Dropbox where your team shares files.

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A decade of dashboarding: Netvibes turns 10!

Ten years ago, we began our mission of helping people to listen, learn and act on what matters. Today Netvibes turns 10, we want to thank you for making Netvibes your favorite dashboard.


Netvibes’ 10th year has been pretty busy, with above all the release last spring of a feature that set a new milestone in our history: the Dashboard of Things.
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New on Netvibes: Check out your Dashboard Stats

  • Kim
  • September 9th 2015 at 05:36 PM
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You may have noticed a new app that appeared on your Netvibes dashboard this week:


We are pleased to introduce “Dashboard Stats,” Netvibes’ new app that provides an instant snapshot of your dashboard by the numbers. With this app, you can see how many items your dashboard contains:

  • Apps: The total number of apps on your dashboard
  • Tabs: The number of tabs on your dashboard
  • Streams: The number of RSS feeds and content streams your dashboard is listening to
  • Tracked Topics: The number of tracked topics you are using (available for VIP and Premium users only)
  • Potions: The number of Potions you have created
  • Analytics: The number of charts and analytics on your dashboard (available for Premium users only)
  • Connected Services: The number of third-party services you have connected to Netvibes (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Nest, Dropbox, etc.)


Click here to add it now to your dashboard.

What do you think of the new “Dashboard Stats?” Is there another statistic you would like to see tracked? Let us know in the comments below.

How-to: Create Tracked Topics to Replace your Yahoo! Pipes

  • Netvibes
  • August 28th 2015 at 03:58 PM

A few months ago, Yahoo! announced that they were planning to retire their Yahoo! Pipes service. Fortunately, Netvibes already has a native alternative to offer: Tracked topics. Let’s see how this feature works.

Yahoo! will no longer allow you to create any new pipes after August 30th. Your existing pipes will still be working until the end of September, but after that, they will be completely deprecated, meaning that they will no longer crunch new content nor will they be retrievable into your Netvibes dashboard.

Your Netvibes dashboard allows you to add as many sources as you wish — RSS feeds, your own social network timelines, searches, etc. The content you aggregate may quickly become overwhelming. And even if you try to revolve around one specific topic, some of your feeds may also publish items that are not relevant to you, which is probably why you resorted to Yahoo! pipes in the first place.

Clearing the noise from your dashboard is actually easy: create Tracked Topic apps.
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