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Quick Look: Share any article in one click with Quickshare

  • Mylène
  • December 8th 2014 at 02:27 PM
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As you may have noticed, you now find share icons under the title of any article you open. Designed to make sharing even more convenient and quicker, just take a few minutes to set up Quickshare with your favorite services to take full advantage of this new feature.


Set up by default with the first three services you enabled in your Share settings, you can specifically choose the services you want to use with Quickshare:
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Netvibes Infographic: Explore the Conversation around #IIeX

  • Kim
  • November 18th 2014 at 03:12 PM
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Netvibes’ live dashboards bring together all the information that matters most to you—including social media and content from across the Internet, plus internal data from across your organization.

But did you know that Netvibes also offers infographics? That’s right: the Netvibes design team is happy to work with you on a custom infographic to tell the story of the data in your dashboard.

Featured below is the infographic we created for GreenBook’s IIeX conference earlier this year. Using GreenBook’s Netvibes dashboard, we pulled together some interesting stats around the online conversation, including hot discussion topics and popular speakers at the event.

To learn more about creating your own infographic with Netvibes, please contact us.


Quick Look: Save Your Articles in App View

  • Mylène
  • November 12th 2014 at 02:13 PM
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With our new Save app, you can now easily keep track of the articles you are really interested in. Let’s see how it works!


Netvibes allows you to add as many sources to your dashboard as you wish. Basic dashboards can store up to 500 of the newest articles for each source while Premium dashboards can even store all of them thanks to AutoSave.
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AutoSave Is Now Live: Store Unlimited Data in Your Premium for Team Dashboards

  • Mylène
  • October 23rd 2014 at 03:03 PM
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AutoSave, the unique new feature available only from Netvibes, is generally available today. This means all Netvibes Premium for Team dashboards now automatically store ALL articles, regardless of the quantity, for any length of time you choose. Even if you’re pulling in thousands of tweets per day, Netvibes stores all the data for you, so you can read and analyze back in time.


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With Tab Labels, One Team Dashboard Morphs To Please All Groups

  • Mylène
  • October 16th 2014 at 02:58 PM
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Netvibes dashboards can be fully customized with multiple tabs to track anything that matters to you. Having multiple tabs allows you to organize your dashboard any way you like, by grouping certain data and charts together or keeping them separate.

Today we are releasing a new feature called Tab Labels, available only for Netvibes Premium Dashboards for Team (NPDx), in Agencies and Enterprises. Users of the Master NPDx can create labels for each tab on the dashboard. For example: label your tabs by language (French, English, etc.), label by department (marketing, sales, finance), label by topic, or create any label you choose.


With labeled tabs, you can easily choose which tabs to display on the dashboard, and which tabs to hide. If you have a lot of tabs on your dashboard, this is handy way to focus on the specific information you need. With just a few clicks you can instantly switch your dashboard’s focus, depending on what topic you’re working on, what language you’re speaking, or whom you’re meeting with.


To learn more about Netvibes Premium dashboards, please contact us.