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FIFA World Cup 2014: Track All the Action on Netvibes

Whether you call it football or soccer, fans around the world will be cheering as the 2014 FIFA World Cup kicks off today in Brazil. Over the next few weeks, 32 teams will compete in a series of exciting matches, with one team ultimately claiming the world championship title. Team Spain clinched the cup at the 2010 tournament. Who will win this year?


Netvibes can’t predict the winner, but we can help you keep track of the scores and everything else happening at the tournament. We’ve created a new World Cup Dashboard so you can stay up-to-date on the competition and see all the articles, game recaps, tweets and more. The Netvibes dashboard will show you:

  • Live results
  • Latest news
  • Videos
  • Podcasts, blog posts
  • Social mentions on Facebook, Twitter and forums
  • And much more…

Using the full power of our professional dashboards, you can easily keep up with all the news and experience the World Cup as if you were there.

Check it out now at

Not a football fan? You can use Netvibes to customize your own dashboard to monitor your brand or any topic of your choice. Try Netvibes for free or contact us.

Live Dashboard: Gaming News from E3

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off today in Los Angeles. Gamers around the world are eager to get a sneak peek at the latest video games, consoles and new technology coming out. Media, blogs and social networks are sure to be buzzing fast and furious with all the announcements.


How can you stay on top of the conversation? With Netvibes, of course!

Netvibes’ customizable dashboards can be designed to track anything and everything that matters to you online. For E3, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Check out our E3 dashboard at to read and monitor all the important news coming out of the show.

  • What are the hottest topics at E3 2014?
  • Will Nintendo announce a new Metroid game?
  • How will the online community react? (% positive/negative)

Keep checking the Netvibes E3 dashboard to find out. Let us know what you think!

Want the same kind of dashboard to monitor your brand? Contact us.

Cheers! Netvibes Hosts Champagne Tasting Party

Chandon bottleSummer evenings are the perfect time to enjoy a glass of bubbly. To celebrate the start of the season, Netvibes joined forces with local winemaker Chandon to host a tasting party this past Monday, June 2 at our San Francisco office.

Guided by Chandon’s wine experts, we sampled several different varietals, including traditional sparkling white wines, a sparkling rosé and a pinot meunier.

Thanks to Chandon for the wine, and thanks to all our guests for coming!

Want to be invited to our next event in San Francisco? Send me an email at


Netvibes champagne party

Party at Netvibes  Guests enjoying champagne

Champagne table

New VIP & Premium Feature: Exportable RSS for Tracked Topics

Your dashboard may include a wide range of feeds: General news from the New York Times, tech news from TechCrunch and The Next Web, sport news from ESPN, your best friend’s personal blog, your mom’s cooking blog, etc.

What if you wanted to create an RSS feed that would gather all the articles about a specific topic but that is not tied down to a unique source? Now you can!


If you are a VIP or a Premium Netvibes user, you probably already know our Tracked Topics feature: When you use Universal Search, you can save your search by creating a Tracked Topic app. Once added to your dashboard, the app will be automatically updated as new related content comes into your dashboard via your feeds so that you never miss a piece of news that matters to you.

As much requested, you can now create an RSS feed from any Tracked Topic app – and in as few as 3 clicks:
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How-to: Embed the new Top 3 app or a UWA app into your own website

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  • May 28th 2014 at 01:51 PM
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Ever wondered what the most read articles from your own website’s feeds are? Not only can we now provide you with the answer, but you can also share it with your visitors on your own website by embedding a Top 3 app. Interested? Let’s see how it works!


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