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Making Magic with Netvibes: Potion Ideas

Last week, we officially launched the Dashboard of Things. Now anyone can create custom “Potions” to automate activities between apps, data and smart devices using the Netvibes dashboard.


What sort of magic Potions can you create with Netvibes? Almost anything! The only limit is your imagination, and the list of Ingredients we currently support (but we are adding new ingredients all the time!)

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Netvibes Dashboard of Things is now available to all

Back in February, we told you about the next evolution of Netvibes: The Dashboard of Things (DoT), which allows you to easily program your dashboard to automate interactions between data, apps and devices. Beginning today, DoT is now available to everyone.


With today’s official release of the Dashboard of Things, Netvibes enters a new era of “programmable intelligence.” DoT takes dashboarding to the next level by enabling you to automate actions, based on insights from your data.

How? It’s simple with Netvibes Potions. Simply pick the trigger and actions, and your dashboard obeys.

Example Potions for Consumers:
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Quick Tip: How to Subscribe to YouTube Channels?

YouTube updated its API a couple of weeks ago. And the good news is that, even tough YouTube no longer openly displays RSS feeds that can easily be grabbed, you can still retrieve your favorite channels into your Netvibes dashboard. Let’s take a quick look at how you can do that.


  1. Open a YouTube channel’s page and copy the URL link, which is something like:

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V2 of Facebook’s Graph API: What to expect on Netvibes dashboards

On April 30, Facebook will release version 2 of its Facebook Graph API, which enables Netvibes to connect Facebook data to your dashboard. Because of changes coming from Facebook, you may notice some differences on your dashboard going forward. Here’s what to expect:

Main Changes:

1. Linking your accounts: The new API requires that you must link your Netvibes and Facebook accounts in order to be able to search and gather Facebook data. Your dashboard will prompt you to do this. You may link as many Facebook accounts as you wish.

2. Facebook’s public post search will no longer be available. If your dashboard has an existing Facebook public search app, the app will stop working after April 30 and display an error message. Going forward, you must link a Facebook account, and Netvibes will then allow you to read/search/analyze Facebook content that is available through your linked Facebook account(s).

Improvements for Netvibes users:

1. Search and Analytics: Available user posts or fan page posts will now be indexed in Netvibes and available for Search, Tracked Topics and Analytics (Netvibes Premium dashboards only)
2. Access to Restricted Pages: Netvibes can now crunch content from restricted fan pages, as long as the user meets the fan page requirements (e.g. age or location)
3. Streamlined Reader Experience: Facebook user posts or fan page posts will now be displayed as a stream of content in Netvibes’ Reader View
4. SmartTagging (Premium dashboards only): Netvibes users can now tag, save, or blacklist any posts coming from a Facebook user or a fan page
5. API limits: Facebook’s API limit will now be applied to each linked Facebook account. This means you can increase your limit by linking additional Facebook accounts.


Facebook no longer allows us to retrieve your News Feed in our Facebook app.

This includes:
News feed – Photos
News feed – Status
News feed – Videos

Twitter Lists: Analyze your Twitter content by drilling down into specific audiences

We’re continually updating Netvibes to provide you with the ultimate dashboards for tracking everything you care about online. Today we have a new feature to announce: support for Twitter lists.


Lists” are a feature on Twitter that allow you to curate lists of particular users. For example, you might create a list of “Coworkers,” “Thought Leaders in IoT,” or any other category.

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