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Netvibes Livebar gives easy access to your most important widgets

Last month we introduced the concept of Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence (DI), the next step in Business Intelligence 2.0 for the real-time Web which revolves around three key processes: Monitoring, Listening and Taking Action. (Check out our video presentation on Dashboard Intelligence here.)

As you know, Netvibes dashboards are the perfect solution to monitor, listen and act on everything using hundreds of professional widgets for performing real-time analysis, trend reporting, team tasks and other business processes. You’ve always been able to monitor all your feeds and run all your widgets side by side in our Widget view.

But what about when you’re in Reader view?

Today we’re pleased to introduce a new feature in our Reader view called the Livebar. The Livebar is an active sidebar that lets you run your favorite listening widgets and professional apps side-by-side with the Reader. Now you can instantly pull up your work tools for quick tasks without interrupting your concentrated reading experience.

For example, you can quickly access your Twitter widget so you can track new trending topics you find or talk with your followers about a cool new article you read. You can also access professional analytics services, like Radian6, and perform searches and analysis related to what you’re reading.

You can also use it to maintain a quick and easy access to the things that matter to you: audio sources for instance (like podcasts and webradio widgets) or any other kind of medias (wallpapers feeds, pictures of the day, videos, etc.).

To try it out, log on to your dashboard, then switch to Reader view. Edit any widget and click on the brand new “Add to Livebar” option at the top to copy it to the Livebar. Notice that you can open and close the Livebar simply by clicking the vertical border on the right side of the screen. So it’s never in the way when you want more space for your feeds.

Netvibes is the first and only reader designed for real, professional use – for busy people who need to monitor many things at once, listen to key trends and sentiments at once, and take action using multiple work tools at once. SmartTagging and Livebar are two important new features we’ve introduced recently to help professionals self-organize all their content and access all their work tools, respectively.

This year, we’ll continue to add other powerful Dashboarding Intelligence features to help transform your dashboard into the ultimate business intelligence solution for Monitoring, Listening and Taking Action across the real-time Web and your organization.

So stay tuned and give us your feedback!

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11 Responses to “Netvibes Livebar gives easy access to your most important widgets”

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  7. #9 | batence1986 | January 28th, 2011 at 2:42 pm   Reply

    Is this just for premium users of Netvibes?

  8. #11 | Plowenstein | February 14th, 2011 at 11:15 pm   Reply

    I do not see the “Add to Livebar” option. I am on IE 7 (at work)

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