Netvibes for mobile, iPhone and iPod touch get Multiple Personalized Pages

Last week, we introduced the Multiple Personalized Pages that allows you to create a Personalized Page for each aspect of your digital life. We just upgraded the mobile version of Netvibes so you can access these pages on the go too. As usual, the mobile website is available at It should work with any WAP 2.0 handset and Webkit-enabled devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberries and Android phones.

Depending on your phone capabilities, you will get either the basic or the advanced mobile website.

Switching to another page with the basic version

With the basic version, your Page list is displayed at the bottom of every page. Simply select your page and click “Go” to access the desired page.

Switching to another page with the advanced version

With the advanced version, taping on the page title will unfold the Page list. Simply tap on the page name to open it.

If you encounter any problem with the mobile version of Netvibes, send us a message at

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