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MisoData showcase – compare public data for free!

There’s a world of interesting open data out there—from weather trends to stock prices to world census data. All of which is potentially very interesting, but in reality, raw CSV data is often quite boring. Enter MisoData.


Today, we launched our new Open Data showcase dashboard, which you can play with here. Using our new MisoData feature, we are able to visualize that data, chart it in different ways, and even add forecasts or smooth average curves.

The best part is you can drag-and-compare anything to anything. Want to see how birthrates correlate to weather patterns? Interested if smartphone stock prices are correlated to the CPI index or affected by French politics? Just drag-and-compare!(*)

Of course, MisoData is only available to Premium users, but we wanted to create a dashboard where anyone can play with public, open data for free. So we made the Open Data showcase dashboard free for everyone to use and explore. :)

Have some interesting open data sources to contribute? Drop us a comment below or visit our Ecosystem to add it to the library. We’ll continue to update this dashboard with more sources of open data, so you’ll have even more interesting options to play with.

(*) Since this dashboard is for demo purposes, you won’t be able to save your creations—but you can play with many of its features, including drag-and-compare.

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One Response to “MisoData showcase – compare public data for free!”

  1. #1 | Alexandre | July 14th, 2013 at 16:34

    bonjour, je viens de “découvrir” netvibes malgré le fait que je connaissais deja le site de nom depuis quelques années.

    Après presque 1 mois d’utilisation je trouve lamentable le fait de ne pas communiquer avec les utilisateurs, de ne pas informer les utilisateurs sur la roadmap, le forum inexistant.

    On a l’impression que netvibes n’évoluera plus, laissé a l’abandon. malgré le fait qu’il y ai ( d’apres moi ) un potentiel enorme d’en faire une plateforme incontournable, flexible et un reseau social d’une nouvelle génération!

    Je continue a utilisé netvibes pour l’instant mais le fait qu’il ne m’apporte plus rien au fil du temps et que d’autres sites apparaîtront fera que les utilisateurs vous délaisseront.

    Et sans utilisateurs vous n’aurez pas non plus des comptes entreprises qui permettront la viabilité financière du site.

    Fort dommage tout ça! cela paraissait prometteur.