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Map where news is taking place with Netvibes’ new Geolocation Facet

  • Netvibes
  • September 8th 2016 at 02:39 PM

Netvibes dashboards deliver the real-time intelligence you need to monitor everything that matters to your business. With our newly launched Geolocation search facet, you can now visualize on a map where news is happening or where conversations are taking place.


With just a click from the dashboard, you can instantly create a new map to see where any topic is being discussed. The map data reflects all of the locations that are mentioned in the relevant articles, but not where the articles are published. For example, an article about the Russian president’s trip to Iran published by the New York Times would be counted as a hit both for “Russia” and for “Iran,” but not “New York.” This level of categorization is important because it provides a comprehensive overview of all locations involved while delivering reliable, trustworthy results.

With greater insight into where things are happening, you can better understand your market and make better business decisions.

Netvibes’ auto-categorization analyzes the content on your dashboard and automatically identifies people, places, events, and other entities. For example, you can instantly find all the articles that mention “Elon Musk” (person) or “Paris” (city).

With Netvibes Social Analytics (available for Premium dashboards), you can ask questions of your data with one click to discover insights like:

  • What is being said about this topic?
  • How is it perceived?
  • Where is the conversation taking place?

With our new Geolocation facet, you can visualize where the news is happening–both in terms of which media channels, and the location on a map. To try it from your Premium dashboard, simply click on a feed, and click “Where is it happening?”


Your dashboard will instantly create a new app to show you where your topic is being discussed. There are 3 different ways of looking at this data:

1. Media: Identify the media channels where the conversation is taking place–e.g., social networks, news media, or blogs.


2. Domain: Pinpoint the domains where the topic is being mentioned–e.g., Twitter, the New York Times, or

3. Location: Visualize the geographical locations where it’s happening.


The geolocation map can be zoomed in or out to focus on any part of the world. As you zoom in or out, the location data will also change. For example, looking at a global map, you notice 447 articles tagged in Europe. As you zoom in on Europe, the map allows you to see more details: Spain (29 articles), Manchester (26), Berlin (26), etc. As you zoom in further on a specific country, you can see individual cities (where supported by the data).

As with any other chart on the Netvibes dashboard, you can instantly compare geolocation maps with Drag-to-Compare. For example, let’s say we want to compare where people are talking about Design vs. Architecture on our dashboard. From these two maps, we can see that Africa locations were mentioned in 7 articles about Design, while Africa was mentioned in 1 article about Architecture.


To visually compare, we simply drag-and-drop the maps together. Netvibes creates a new comparison map, which allows us to see at a glance how the locations compare between the two topics.

Please note that the geolocation facet can only return articles published after September 08, 2016.

Want to learn more about Netvibes Premium dashboards? Contact us for a free demo. Together we’ll explore how Netvibes dashboards can help you achieve your unique business goals.

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