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Introducing Netvibes Studio by eXo: A Super Fast Way to Develop and Distribute Universal Apps

  • Freddy Mini
  • April 19th 2011 at 11:54 AM

Dashboard intelligence helps organizations listen to everything, learn from everyone and act in real-time. We make this possible by providing our clients with nearly 200,000 web apps and custom app development services, so they can monitor and manage all the web apps and services that matter to their business, on real-time dashboards, accessible across all locations and mobile devices. In fact, we already serve more than 500,000,000,000–half a billion–web apps every month.

No wonder why many of the global agencies and Fortune 500 enterprises using our Dashboard Intelligence platform have asked us if there was a way to rapidly develop and distribute their own apps with Netvibes. Now there is: Netvibes Studio, the first dedicated development environment for building universal apps on the Netvibes platform.

Develop Once, Deploy Everywhere

Enterprises face two difficulties when it comes to apps, development and deployment. Netvibes Studio solves both.

Netvibes Studio was developed in partnership with eXo, a leading cloud development platform, and marries together two powerful technologies: eXo’s IDE and Netvibes UWA. eXo’s IDE provides a single, cloud-based environment for quickly wiring REST services, HTML5, widgets and enterprise data systems together to create rich mashups and Web apps on the fly. Netvibes UWA (Universal Widget API) lets developers “build once and run everywhere”. Apps built using Netvibes UWA can run on virtually all major Web, computer and mobile platforms, including: Firefox, Chrome and Safari; Windows and OS X; and iPhone, iPad, and most mobile smartphones.

The best part is that all apps built using Netvibes Studio can then be deployed instantly across all locations and device platforms. Using our unique Push Publishing feature, new apps can be sent to teams directly or they can also be distributed to the user’s app library (Netvibes Ecosystem). No software installs or device setup needed–all Netvibes UWA apps will run immediately on all major computing, Web and mobile device platforms and keep in sync with team dashboards.

Key features and benefits:

  • Cloud-based development environment
  • Universal apps can run on all major Web and mobile platforms
  • Apps can be instantly deployed to the Netvibes Ecosystem and user app libraries
  • Push publishing lets publishers distribute apps instantly to users
  • Utilizes the latest Netvibes UWA specs for universal compliance and compatibility
  • Autocomplete functionality and common components make it easier and faster to develop apps
  • eXo’s IDE offers many robust development features including versioning, Java validation, REST service discovery and much more
  • Netvibes UWA and eXo’s IDE technologies proven to scale for many of the world’s leading enterprises

Here are a 3 resources for developers who are interested in learning more about how they can use Netvibes Studio:

Netvibes Studio further proves why the Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence platform is relied upon by global agencies, Fortune 500 brands and government organizations for it’s universal scalability, security and simplicity. If you’re interested in learning more about Netvibes Dashboard Intelligence, Netvibes Studio or our custom app development services, contact us or visit our product site:

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  1. #1 | Buhth | April 19th, 2011 at 10:31 am   Reply

    more improvement, that’s great
    500,000,000,000–half a billion–web apps every month. LOL who use all that?

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